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Windows 10 is basically spyware and a backdoor for NSA/GCHQ/LE
(09-08-2016, 12:18 PM)Marzipam Wrote: A software encryption thats set up right wont be bruteforced easily. Maybe the encryption apps on android just suck. Also i still dont understand why you trust apple to not silently fuck you over. Just because they make most their money from hardware ? Really ?

I know for a fact that apple has unlocked iphones for the FBI before. They probably refused to do it this time because of bad publicity.

If I have a choice between trusting Google or Apple of course I will choose Apple. Google's entire business plan is gathering as much data on users as possible. Apple simply has no business incentive to do this and there is no evidence to suggest they do.

Apple used to unlock iPhones for the FBI before iOS 8. That is because in iOS 8 they could simply extract the data from the encrypted partitions themselves, as is still trivial for Android phones today. After iOS 8 they implemented the advanced encryption methods I outlined previously which they designed specifically so that they themselves cannot even access the data on any iPhone. That's why the FBI wanted Apple to make a special tool to brute force the code in that court case. Understand the FBI was not actually asking Apple to break the encryption because Apple no longer can. They wanted Apple to create brute forcing software.

Android encryption is worthless if you are up against the FBI. The reason the FBI has not had to take Google to court is because Android encryption even in the latest version works similarly to how iOS encryption used to in the older versions: it is very easy to extract the encrypted partition and simply brute force it yourself. There is nothing stopping any hacker from doing this. For the FBI it's nothing. Especially if the encryption key is a four digit PIN. This takes no time at all for the FBI to crack, I'm sure they have some strong computing power at their disposal.

iOS is much more secure than Android, there is no doubt about it.

Hey don't take my word for it:



Android devices are shit for security.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
In the UK you can be prosecuted under RIPA for refusing to disclose passwords to any of the many official bodies who can demand them. The offence carries a maximum two year sentence. Which makes the strength of the encryption irrelevant if revealing the information causes fewer problems than being imprisoned for not revealing it.
It's worth looking into encryption software with plausible deniability if you have a serious concern about law enforcement. TrueCrypt and its currently maintained forks have this feature. You have two passwords - one unlocks your real data, the other unlocks a decoy volume. It is impossible to prove you have not provided the password for your real data.

This should be an even bigger concern to Americans because while UK law can only imprison you for two years for not proving encryption keys, US law can keep you imprisoned indefinitely even if you've not been formally charged with anything at all. Because they're the land of the free, duh.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
yes - still most people give up passwords after a few accidents - threatening to move them into general etc... The guy from PIE was using truecrypt, never broke him, but he is dead now. So I guess two years was enough.

Still good to see somebody in the home office taking encryption seriously.
don't think of this as the end, think of it as a chance to make new friends with dealers
Everyone knows Windows has backdoors for the spooks. If you are up to anything that shouldn't become known to them encrypyt with GPG or communicate via alternate media. I suspect someone trying to import some personal amounts of Cathinones or Benzos can sleep easy, Jihadists are more what they are looking for.
You can get ( technically) 5 years for possession of Cannabis but that sentence is never handed down. A fine or Conditional discharge is more likely. Unless you are planning a bombing campaign, I suspect you wouldn't be sent down for 2 years for refusing to reveal passwords to Encryption keys. At the very least you would be warned that continuing refusal might lead to some time at an HMP. If the Encryption is merely the Email address of someone knocking Benzos out, it would be better to reveal it. Buying them would get you a fine at most. If it is Terrorism, 2 years for non-co-operation is the least of your worries.
Good point WAS but unfortunately quite a few people find they can't afford Apple products. Last time I looked the cheapest MacBook was around £800. The best PC i ever owned was a HP Pavilion at £400 and I thought that was a tad pricey. iphones aren't quite so far beyond the best Android phones but still quite a bit. Would never use an Android for anything even remotely dodgy.

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