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Windows 10 is basically spyware and a backdoor for NSA/GCHQ/LE
(06-08-2015, 12:15 PM)WeAreScientists Wrote: Mint Linux is right here and is very easy to use even if you're not that technically knowledgeable. The interface is even very similar to Windows.

Mint is really good and almost entirely free of the rough edges that other Linux desktops seem to have where you suddenly hit the limit of the ui and go from clicky simplicity to editing configuration files that have warnings at the top that advise against actions you don't understand and suggest you copy it to a directory that doesn't actually exist on your system. And the only advice you can find is from 1994 and tells you to install a version of Java that never officially existed.

That kind of thing doesn't seem to happen on Mint very often and there's a very helpful community who don't make fun of people for not understanding things only geeks care about. It's been less trouble than Windows was, anyway.
Thank you, I didn't know about that Keylogger.

You can indeed use encryption for all your files on the computer so actually encrypt your computer (AKA Operating System), not if that Keylogger is installed on it. Maybe you can remove that Keylogger ?

I do have citrix metaclient installed on my windows 8.1, how should they get rid of my pending research papers once I login? 
My opinion is that Windows 10 is not in rule with the law because there are intellectual property rights, privacy violation and if you aren't a criminal then they must ask permission, I didn't read that in the Windows 10 policy. But we can't do nothing against a multinational organization that is so big: they always win or simply do a next urgent update. ;)

Well, to be honest: all the updates from Windows aren't good for your RAM memory, look at the size of Windows Update alone !
And to be honest as chemist it's really distracting me to install every time again another Windows update, scan it daily with Windows Firewall (full scan) to ensure that my OS isn't infected with malware/trojans that might affect other users as well.

As a scientist I can work offline then they can't follow my movements and then store it (backup) on an external drive like "My Passport Ultra" and another backup key for important documents/certificates/software,...

This is for the Windows fanclub. I feel tired and sick about this commercial story.
I wonder why they never invented Windows 9, I guess because of... Facepalm

There is indeed Linux and I would try it out !
Good topic !
ITT: paranoia
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niflhiem - Yep Mint is very good for noobs to Linux. Dead simple to use and unlike most distros (even Ubuntu) pretty much everything can be done on the UI, and that UI is very similar to Windows 7.

Java - You can turn the keylogger off in the settings, but the default option is that it is turned on. If you go into the privacy settings there is an option that says it will collect typing and voice data, so disable that. The only things you cannot turn off completely are the telemetry, which collects information about what programs you use and other details about your system to send to Microsoft, and Windows Defender, which is the thing that sends all your files to Microsoft for "analysis" and just turns itself back on again if you switch it off. As for encryption like I said you can encrypt the system all you like but since it uploads the encryption key to Microsoft it won't do you much good for anything.

Renton - It's not paranoia when they're actually watching you, it literally says in Windows 10 settings and in the privacy policy that it logs what you type and uploads it to Microsoft and sends details about every file you open to Microsoft. It also says you cannot turn off telemetory unless you're an enterprise user and Microsoft will share all the information it has on you (which under default W10 settings is a lot) with advertising companies, law enforcement, and government agencies.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
[Image: windows-firewall_o_213586.png]
fot something was up me pc was acting hacked earlier n only a week old n windows 10 installed yesday n not been same since. i had to change loads of setting cuz most stuff seemed defaulted to privacy invasion ie i can take a photo without havin to turn me microphone on how
uninstall thisshite?
Install Linux.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?

instead of the host file entries in the paste2 link at the end I used http://paste2.org/Hbm1awPm instead
Emsisoft wrote an article about W10 if you fancy reading.
Decent article. I also like this one to explain to people why privacy is important in the first place.

It's also a good point that it's not only Microsoft doing this, but it seems they are going above what even Google does in terms of data collection. Not even Android or Chrome OS log your actual keystrokes. And Siri does keep records of your voice recordings, which is why I never use it to write messages, but they also do not tie those records to your account and delete them if you turn Siri off. At least if you trust Apple anyway.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?

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