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Windows 10 is basically spyware and a backdoor for NSA/GCHQ/LE
(30-07-2015, 10:28 AM)WeAreScientists Wrote: If you want privacy install Linux instead of upgrading to Windows 10.

lol no ty.
(04-08-2015, 04:39 PM)Renton Wrote: Because you can run windows applications in TAILS, too... oh wait.

Running Windows applications is the problem.
(30-07-2015, 12:35 PM)Renton Wrote: Just turn it off during install, it's hardly difficult

Not much that android doesn't do either.   Also re, encryption, truecrypt works

It says that truecrypt is discontinued and it says in red letters it is not secure. What does it do anyway? Im not worried about big brother spying on me too much I don't do anything illegal and unless I would start using darkweb markets than I see no use. Never been hacked before and don't have any sensitive information on my pc .
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Truecrypt was audited and found secure.

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As secure as is possible on Windows anyway. The only way to make a computer completely secure is to lock it away in an isolated room completely opaque to all electromagnetic radiation, never turn it on and, ideally, completely destroy it by grinding to a fine powder and baking at high temperature. Everything else is a compromise.

It's often more useful to consider what level of insecurity is acceptable. Disk level encryption is vulnerable to rubber hose decryption techniques ("Tell me the password!" "No." *Thwack*). In the UK RIPA provides criminal sanctions for withholding passwords in some situations, so it's useful only if the people who want the information aren't willing to torture or jail you for it. Good for stopping ordinary thieves, not as useful against state-sanctioned organisations.
If you encrypt Windows 10 with Bitlocker it automatically uploads the decryption key to OneDrive. Virtually makes the encryption useless because not only does this mean LE can easily ask MS for this info, but anyone can decrypt your disk if they can access your OneDrive too.

Windows Defender uploads details about every file you open to Microsoft and if you turn Defender off it just turns itself back on later.

By default it collects data about all your contacts, calendar, emails, and what you type and sends it off to MS. But of course that's not a keylogger or spyware... those are bad... this just "improves the quality of your services" by monitoring everything you do on your computer. Completely different.

Same with your browsing history. All of it is sent to Microsoft if you use the Edge browser. Again totally not spying. It's "improving user experience."

When you use WiFi it automatically turns on a "feature" that tells Microsoft your location yet again and then begins to share your WiFi password with everyone on your Facebook friends list.

W10 also automatically sends "feedback" to Microsoft - this is data about your hardware, the config of your OS, what programs you run on it, what files you open, etc - and while you can set it to "basic" so it sends as little info as possible, you cannot turn it off completely unless you are using an enterprise version. So for the vast majority of Windows 10 users, even if you turn all the other crap off, W10 will keep phoning home to MS about your usage whether you want it to or not.

As for the options to turn any of this off in the first place, they are all practically hidden during setup. When you install W10 it has a big button saying "Use express settings" then on the opposite side of the screen in tiny letters so it just looks like a web link it says "Use custom settings." If you click through with the express settings, as most obviously will, every single tracking feature is on by default. After install you can still turn some of the tracking off but each is buried in a different menu and you must find each option and turn it off individually. With some of it, e.g. the feedback about your system configuration, there is no option to turn it off on personal machines.

There is a reason Windows 10 is a free upgrade. If you are not paying you are the product. W10 is designed specifically to collect as much information on users as possible so they can turn around and sell it to whoever pays them the most... sorry I mean share user data among trusted partners to provide market research and improve features.

Finally here is a direct quote from Microsoft's own privacy policy:

Quote:Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to:
  1. comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process, including from law enforcement or other government agencies

So it is literally in the document you must agree to before you use W10 that you allow MS to not only collect data including your emails and files, but share it with LE and "other government agencies", which could be NSA, GCHQ, CIA, MI6, fucking anyone.

Windows 10 is an absolute OPSEC nightmare.
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If you set the telemetry to 0 in the registry on a non-enterprise edition it will read it as 1. You cannot disable telemetry on non-enterprise Windows 10.

Deleting the service would of course work... until one of the automatic updates puts it back again.

Really seems like a lot less hassle to use a different OS if you don't want anyone willing to pay Microsoft to spy on you, that's why I'm putting the warning out there for everyone.

Mint Linux is right here and is very easy to use even if you're not that technically knowledgeable. The interface is even very similar to Windows.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
You can rent a SSL VPN server with encryption so that you don't have to worry too much. I only encrypt my email with PGP and security guards. Unfortunately, there are nearly no contacts that have PGP and their own certificates to avoid spam and to stay anonymous..

AFAIK: they just collect visited websites in the temp folder to create banners that are maybe interesting for you.
Also, RC are 100% legal in most countries but the vendors often don't use encrypted mails for information exchange.

Their websites are well hosted and secured from trusted vendors, they encrypt their website so that others don't see the content once you sign-in.

I can also start a discussion about facebook and the # of crimes that are investigated by police officers that look at your account. I don't use facebook as the founder of facebook is one guy with a really bad history.

Then you have DropBox which does collect your browser history to help google. Even if your browser don't remember your history. (settings)

Spy is installed on every android.
VPN does absolutely nothing to stop the operating system itself from spying on you. Neither would PGP since W10 has a keylogger on it. It's basically a rootkit so really nothing you do within the OS itself is going to keep yourself secure.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?

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