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Wild Camping
Been into this for a long while, since before it actually had a name.

I use a terra nova bivvi to sleep in and a basha tarp to keep the wind and rain off. This way I can still see the stars and any interesting weather without being overly cuckooned.

I find it an absolutely excellent way to rid oneself of mental cobwebs, keep fit and healthy, train my will-power and hone my organisational skills.

It takes a while and a reasonable amount of cash to get all the kit perfect, but its a relatively accessible pastime and one I'd highly recommend to anyone who likes watching the dawn sunlight shatter frozen waterfalls, or seeing mist creep down steambeds and fill an entire valley under a bright moon.

It also fits in very nicely with the kind of pastimes that are perhaps more likely to be popular on this forum.

Anyone else into it?
I kind of grew up with a bit of wild camping here and there (not always willingly) but I do remember once as a teenager wanting to sleep outside in the rain & feel it but not get wet.....my set-up wasn't as sophisticated as yours - a sleeping bag in one of those basic orange plastic bivvy bags (don't know if they still exist, we're talking the 80's here!) and I was in heaven lying on the ground in the rain keeping dry.
I hate tents with a passion, & for me, having wheels beneath me is the only camping I want to do, though unfortunately I have had to slum it in a tent quite a lot. Pissing rain on a tent is just instant worry, but in a caravan or living vehicle, it's bliss, like a lullaby to me.
However, tent or wheels, nothing beats being in a beautiful location at a party or festival, misty beautiful sunrises surrounded by the people you love all talking complete nonsense & laughing until it hurts.

Oh, went off on a tangent there...in answer to your question, no, wild camping is not for me, but mild camping with a comfy bed & a gas cooker for cups of tea & toast (when I get to squat somebody else's!) is heavenly
This.....is real life
Yep. Absolutely love camping, either on my own or with friends. I haven't been for a while as I left my tent at a festival and need to get a new one.
Ah, Tralala, I remember those bright orange survival bags and how you get wet in them even if it isn't raining because you're basically sealed in plastic. I think I've probably blanked just how bad it was and I certainly remember having to dry the sleeping bag daily doing long walks. And how it was easy for the landowner to spot you because a dayglo orange bag is visible for miles against a natural background.

Hearing ferocious weather but not suffering its effects is essentially the entire reason why I do this activity. I suppose its similar to deep sea diving, in that you're in the environment but protected. I've never had a camper, but I've had a couple of boot jumps, which work very well and are pretty stealthy. And I've been lucky enough to spend time in a few 'vintage' buses with pine panel walls and proper mounted log burners inside on the Isle of Skye and elsewhere, sometimes with sea waves throwing stones against the windows. Bliss, actually.

Tails: Tents can be good if you keep them open so you can see out, but I don't like the being cut off so much. Have you thought about a tarp instead of a tent? You can set up even a simple one in about ten different ways, from umbrella to fully enclosed in a storm or open ended enough to have a stove or little fire in one end. 30 quid, <1 kilo. I like the fact you do it alone if no one else will, not everyone will do that. Sometimes you have to do that.

But good craic around a fire with a shared meal and proper company under the stars. That's the shit right there.

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