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Why is Camfetamine gone?

I was introduced to camfetamine in 2012 and found my new all-day/situation stimulant in it especially as it goes so well with other drugs like Tramadol, Desmethyl-Tramadol and opioids in general. Also a combination with Kratom or Phenibut was very good as other stimulants cause too many side effects on the heart-rate, cold-sweating etc. and Camfetamine was totally smooth, yet awakening and giving a good body-feeling which compliments with other substances like opioids or downers generally as it doesn´t overwhelm their effects.

Now my 20g stock is gone and I don´t know what to do, I tried the new fluoro-Phenmetrazine and all the stimulants labeled as "smooth" but all have too many side effects, I really miss the clear, almost relaxing stimulation from CFA. I now almost wasted 2g desmethyl-tram as I´m alway´s nodding away when the dose is high enough to produce good euphoria, similar with other substances like benzos and combinations thereof. Any suggestions for mellow stimulants that I can use instead of CFA?

Does anyone know why Camfetamine isn´t available anymore? it wasn´t banned, I understand it wasn´t too pupular but surely enough for steady sales. Is it possible that they hold it back to have something when all the other stimulants get banned? Wouldn´t that be senseless since next year every psychoactive chemical will be illegal in the uk?
You are in a very small group. The majority thought it was poor to say the least.
I believe it simply sold poorly and wasn't very cost effective to produced, so the market for it dried up. Quite unlikely we'll ever see it on the market again in all honesty.
BRC said they were trying to get a new batch after some years ago some grams resurfaced and were sold within hours.
Guess it isn't their highest priorty.

Quote:You are in a very small group. The majority thought it was poor to say the least.
Jus depends on your expectations.
have you tried reputable eu vendors as there is no problem with legalitys and many will give a delivery gurantee .

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