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Which APB?
I'm looking to sample one of the APB compounds soon (5-APB, 6-APB, 5-MAPB). There seems to be so many mixed reports on the internet, can someone give me a quick run through of the come up/effects/duration of each? I'm looking for something empathetic, euphoric and chatty but not too trippy and not something I'm going to look absolutely spasticated on.
LL in my opinion all of the chemicals you have listed have an element of what you dont want I'm afraid.

There is more information here on each of the substances

5 APB and 6 APB Difference



We dont seem to have any trip reports for 5 APB on its own I will try and write up a rough guide later today. Have a read through the threads and if you have any questions please ask.

It seems everyone has a favourite APB mine being 5 the standard and HCL version however i'm not over-keen on the 5 MAPB so I'm afraid its a little bit of trial and error to see which one suits you as an individual. 6 APB makes me incredibly nauseous on its own yet combined in the mixed pellets its much less noticeable.

Hope this helps
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Thanks for the info and links, ill give them a good read.
It's further complicated by the fact that effects are very subjective, and quite variable. For instance, I find 6-APB to have more of a psychedelic tinge with lots of serotonin than 5-APB, which IME is more straightforwardly stimmy and dopaminergic in feel. That's ass backwards, in terms of their ( believed ) pharmacology, and what lots of other users, if not most report. Some find 6-APB very visual, for me it's not really visual at all beyond a a little soft, colouration to things, if that. It gets visual in a 5/6-APB combo though. 5-MAPB with the one trial I've had of it seems to be closer to the old-school stuff everyone hopes the RC trade will one day have a true replacement for as a danceable, euphoric, empathic, sociable stim, but it has its spacey moments, on the come up a bit, and massively on the come down. In short, I guess you're just have to try them all. ;)

6-APB is especially thin on the ground at the moment, 5-APB I've really only used in combos so have only the feel of the come-up to go on before the addition of 6-APB and there's not enough there for me to want to do it all by itself really, so I guess 5-MAPB makes a good place to start. It has a shorter duration of perhaps 6 hours as opposed to the 8-10 hours I'm likely to get with the others before really into comedown territory, and it redoses well. The others do not. Easier then to get nearer where you'd want it to be on a single trial. With the others it's all about the initial dose really and can take a while to find your sweet spot.
(30-01-2013, 12:53 PM)Sepher Wrote: It's further complicated by the fact that effects are very subjective, and quite variable.

This is very very true. 5-APB hcl makes me absolutely spangled to the point I cannot see straight, but I tried some 5-MAPB this last weekend and it did nothing but make me feel nauseous and a bit out of it.
Thanks again for the input guys. I think I'll give 5-APB a whirl first and then take it from there. Will update once I've sampled it.
6/5 apb mix is the best. Wouldn't say it's too trippy but it can get quite visual but depends on what you class as too trippy

like for me too trippy would involve melting into another world

I don't mind trippy at all, I'm pretty used to being completely out there but for this situation trippy might not be best. Can anyone recommend a good dose for the 5-APB? Was thinking of starting at 70/80mg.

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