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Whats your preferred ROA for cannabinoids
i fear this request for info s getting off track.

smoked/vaped for me
Hood Hippy word
I got some noid mixed with plant matter don't know what to do with it.
this could be scaremongering and again it might not be but i found this on the internet and feel anyone using these synthetics should read these articles and make their own choice

remember people keep it real
I accidently snorted a line [of cannabinoid] a few years back while high on ethylphenidate [mistook it as eph]. 
Its a now banned chem, d-something and numbers, I forget what it was. 

When I realised I was really scared. I told my friend that if anything happens to dial 999. Fortunately it had no [noticeable] effect whatsoever.

 Im so so careful with chems now.

Iv only done them vaporized other than that one snort. The stuff frightens me big time every time Iv tried it.
My preferred RoA, for reasons of safety and dosage control, is 'noids diluted in acetone and then absorbed onto a herbal substrate (at ratios ranging from 1:20 to 1:100 or more, depending on the noid), dried, then smoked as a weighed amount, of a known dosage, with hand-rolling tobacco in a joint. This is normally calibrated such that the whole joint provides an amount of the active cannabinoid of the order of an average dose, and a fraction of this is consumed initially. 

Second preferred RoA, subject to familiarity with the substance and the dosage, is vaporising in an electronic cigarette. Almost as instantaneous as smoking, effective at lower doses, avoids combustion. On the down side, data is scant and the risk of accidental overdose might be higher than with herbal blends, plus the convenience is such that it might lend itself to overuse.

To answer the original question, no I wouldn't think of snorting cannabinoids, or for that matter injecting them or plugging them. Oral use would be considered, but is not thought to offer any great advantages over smoking or vaping, and is even less certain in terms of dose and duration.

As others have said, I also don't find these particularly special, or desirable for anything like frequent use.
Not a user of noids; but the times I did use them I preferred smoking over vaping.
Vaping them was a pain in the arse, but generally had a nice smell.

But I have to say, my personal favourite ROA was emptying the bag into a strong wind.

I stopped inhaling the smoke from burning leaves over three years ago. I can't stand the taste or smell of burning tobacco and paper any more, so the classic method of smoking a blend is not an option for me. Plus, who knows what pyrolysis produces, especially when it comes to some of the newer 'noids?

I vape my 'noids in an e-cig and use low and predictable doses.
Transdermal: 5F-AMB dissolved in DMSO & applied to neck.
I smoke them in a cigarette with filter. One to five bumps, depending on the noid, equally distributed over the tobacco. Still overdosed on PX2 - even one bump (tiny screwdriver is being used to dose, one bump equals around 1mg) was too much, blacked out, went unconscious, woke up without any recollection of what happened, did it again, went unconscious again... Flushed the rest, regret it now, will order again and test even lower dosages because one time I experienced a case of heavy ego death, agony and bliss - very psychedelic stuff.

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