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Whats your preferred ROA for cannabinoids
Hey guys I wonder if you could take a moment to add your preferred ROA in this thread.

The lovely people at WEDINOS have asked for some information regarding cannabinoids specifically does anyone sniff or snort the powders? 

Many thanks it would be great to give WEDINOS some help after they have been so useful to us!
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

I always assumed they were orally inactive, and would need to be bound to fat ala natural cannabinoids.

I don't smoke them anymore, but pipe, bong, joint, et al were my preferred methods.
A small one paper spliff (of a properly mixed blend) is highly advised to people looking to try noids. That way you have much more control over how much you are dosing.

Fill a bowl, no tolerance = you're gonna have a bad time.
I'm taking hits from the bong...on and on and on...
Erm... People snort this? Really? Why?
(18-04-2014, 10:23 PM)444499 Wrote: Erm... People snort this? Really? Why?

a lot of people assume powder = hooter
Jesus. That's up there with crystals=pure as a flawed thought process. I will only ever be able to imagine what rails of noid do to you. Even taking into account the micro-gram power of various RCs, noids are the ones to watch IMO. Snorting them is like mooning at the devil then punching him in the face as a follow up. No. Don't.
I doubt sniffing would work with most noids as they're not water soluble. I've heard of people dosing orally, but it seems uncommon.

I think my preferred RoA is sending it in an envelope to wedinos for them to test & destroy, they're bad drugs.
I find they make me paranoid. I used to smoke that spice stuff in a joint don't think it exists anymore.
Considering how 1mg of many of these noids can seriously fuck me up I can't image anyone sniffing them. Even tolerant people I know were scared after smoking just a little too much. Accidental overdoses of some of these noids have caused seizures and brain damage from what I've read, if anyone were to sniff one of them without tolerance I would bet they'd be feeling bloody unpleasant, especially when they wake up in hospital.

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