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Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'
Yea I understand, so very dependent on confidence then, as long as everyone thinks that it all adds up and it all makes sense all will be cool, no worry’s there then, as long as we don’t exceed the total weight of the universe in fractal gold bonds I predict plain sailing ahead. One niggling doubt though, I fear that the banning of MXE may bring this system in to trouble at some point.

Thank god that the banksters have unlimited supply’s of cocaine and egos the size of galaxy’s. We are in safe hands.
All comprehension is temporary, understand nothing, try to understand everything.
Quote:We are in safe hands.

..erm.. indeed.. quite... so long as everyone remembers to believe that the emperor is fully clothed..
All that money laundered and not one person working for the banks served a day in jail. Money laundered in the US alone was over 1 trillion dollars in the 90s, and Evans though the patriot act made it harder for these things to happen it is still happening. Banks make the rules that they must govern themselves by and when they brake them there's so much money pumped into the economies from it that no one really punishes them.
Us currency hasn't been based on gold reserves since Nixon in the seventies. Ever since then th US has been racking up debt and printing money tk cover th interest. The only time we were paying the debt down was at the end or the Clinton administration, but Bush put an end to that real quick. Won't be long till china owns the world.

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