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Vendor Rules
New Vendors wishing to introduce their business please read

1. This is a forum for UK Legal Research Chemicals only, please do not link to a website that sells anything other than this.

2. Please only make one thread in the Vendor News section, any cross posting will be deleted.

3. Introduce yourself say a little bit about yourself, your business, if you are new to the scene what sets you apart from other vendors.

4. It is suggested new vendors provide a small amount of samples to trusted members to allow relationships to be built. If you need advice with this please speak to a member of the Admin team.

5. It is not acceptable to compare your products or prices to other vendors, e.g my product is far superior and cheaper to xyz.

6. NO vendor is allowed to comment negatively on another vendors thread. In the first instance a warning will be issued, the second instance will incur a permanent ban and vending from the forum will be prohibited.

7. If you believe you are being trolled or false reports are being made about your product or service please report the post and poster to an admin clearly outlining your reasons. It will be reviewed as soon as possible.

8. In the event of any confusion or argument or disagreement the admins reserve the right to have the final say in all matters. Each case will be treated in confidence and on its merits. 

9. Please make yourself known to a member of the admin team if you wish to promote your products or services here. Failure to do so may result in your post being deleted.

10. In order for you to promote your business here we require you to have a website with an email address linked to your domain we reserve the right to delete any threads from people not complying with this.

11. If your thread has been deleted please contact a member of the team before reposting.
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If anyone has any questions regarding the above post please do contact one of the team. 

Admins names appear in gold
Super Moderators are green
Moderators Pink

Click here to pm a team member
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