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Undertone's - Amazon Cloud Player Mix
Hey guys. I know I've been fairly inactive recently but I've been focusing on getting my health back on track and getting back into normal life. I still lurk in the shadows though :P

I've reached an all time high and feel like I can only keep going :)

Been doing a few mixes live at gigs and parties recently which have been going down fairly well and I'd like to share with you my latest cheeky little mix ;)


Insect Elektrika - Fat Is on the Way Out
Matador - Svinx
Hobo - Flinch
Leo Choi - Just Kidding
Insect Elektrika - Mother Under the Table
Loran Valdek - Lesson 23
Nils Mohn - Mekanik (Bjoern Torwellen Remix)
Alejandro Trebor - Meth

Turn up the speaker's and get a little naughty with this weekend warmer. You won't be disappointed! :D

Much love everyone!

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