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Uncontrolled RC stims in the UK?
Hi, could anyone please point me in the direction of stims which are NOT controlled substances in the UK?

So far I can only find 3-FPM, which is just under the psychoactive substances act, so illegal to sell or import, but not to possess for personal use, kinda like steroids I guess. A lot of the others I can get are class B drugs (MPA and 4F-MPH) so unfortunately I won't be able to purchase those.

Also any legal UK vendors? I saw in another thread that there is supposedly a review subforum here for UK vendors selling uncontrolled substances, but I was not able to locate it.

The effects I'm looking for are increased confidence. I used speed before and felt socially invincible on it, I want to replicate that as much as possible for use at nightclubs.
Since the PSA we don't allow discussion of vendors here.

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