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Uncontrolled RC stims in the UK?
Hi, could anyone please point me in the direction of stims which are NOT controlled substances in the UK?

So far I can only find 3-FPM, which is just under the psychoactive substances act, so illegal to sell or import, but not to possess for personal use, kinda like steroids I guess. A lot of the others I can get are class B drugs (MPA and 4F-MPH) so unfortunately I won't be able to purchase those.

Also any legal UK vendors? I saw in another thread that there is supposedly a review subforum here for UK vendors selling uncontrolled substances, but I was not able to locate it.

The effects I'm looking for are increased confidence. I used speed before and felt socially invincible on it, I want to replicate that as much as possible for use at nightclubs.
Since the PSA we don't allow discussion of vendors here.
Honestly, there's not much practical difference between explicitly controlled substances and ones covered by the PSA. If the cops want to get you, they'll find a way to nail you under the absurdly broad "possession with intent to supply" clause.

You might as well just stay under the radar and take whatever you enjoy, no matter whether they're covered by the MDA, PSA, or a TCDO (with the possible exception of class A). Stick to buying small amounts for personal use, never make bulk purchases, avoid drawing police attention to yourself for other reasons, and the odds are very high that you'll never run into any trouble. 99% of drug users don't. If the CPS were to pursue cases against every drug user in this country, the court system would collapse under the strain within a few days. Similarly, if the police were to open investigations into every drug user they could possibly get a conviction on, the their yearly budget would be spent and/or their backlog would go through the roof within a similar timeframe.
I'm pretty sure cyclazadone would be legal under your current laws.
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