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USA to ban Kratom.

Was just reading info on a usa based kratom forum. It seems a temp ban on kratom will be in place within 30 days as takes time to formally have the plant placed in schedule 1 alongside heroin etc...

Yeah saw this on Reddit a good few days ago, can't say any of us is surprised though, surely?

Alongside Cannabis and LSD as drugs with absolutely 0% medical use (irrespective of the literally unfathomable number of scientific papers to the contrary). :) go America!!!! (and for that matter, go UK!!!!)
Must have been cutting in into the Big Pharma profits for OxyContin. Can't have that now can we?
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
Lots of rumours about new drugs coming soon. Kratom would of course eat into the profits of these.
Here's some, although there are probably many more.

Just rumours, but what other reason is there to line kratom up alongside heroin and other schedule 1 drugs. It's never killed anyone as far as I know.
The petition, many seem to agree was badly worded. Kratom and deaths in the same sentance can't do any favours. Let alone the spelling and grammer mistakes.

'Deaths that involve Kratom being a persons' system have always been from the result of mixing Kratom with other drugs, rather than Kratom alone.'

Did adding kratom to a mix of substances contribute to any deaths? I can't see it, but i'm no doctor. It's not an opiate, benzo or alcohol which is usualy a combo for such deaths.
I hope the wording doesn't take away the impact from the fact that 104,000 people, and still rising, have signed it so far.
It's easy to sign if you haven't done it yet. No problem not being from the US. Just remember to click the conformation email, and untick the Obama will send you emails or whatever it says on the page.
Unbelievable, but sooo predictable. I've been saying all along that it wouldn't take long until Kratom became illegal everywhere. I'd love to be proven wrong, but at this point it's becoming more and more obvious that my predictions were dead on. Sad.
It's a real shame the ban came when it did, I was just getting into Kratom as I always overlooked it at first due to buying stuff in a head shop years ago and it being completely shit. I wonder how hard it would be to grow this stuff
Well it really isn’t going to be a very feasible option unless your living in a hot country and then more as a novelty than a very productive source I highly suspect; same as the larger proportion of ethnobots
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

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