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UKCR - the future?
I think everythings been said however as guardian of the forum on paper I felt I ought to concur with what my brilliant mods have already said. It is indeed space to breathe after whats been a relentless five years or so.  The forum has and will continue to change almost organically in relation to the whole new scenario and will eventually settle into a new groove.  Its still very important for people to discuss effects, combinations etc to keep awareness raised its just sourcing thats off limits at present however if there is a source thats found to be potentially dangerous or deemed to be reducing harm by discussing it then we will review these posts on an individual basis.  I still believe that its part of harm reduction for people to be able to discuss reputable suppliers even if they are outside of the UK however this immediately places those vendors in a vulnerable position merely by the fact they supply here.  Whatever we do will need to be done wisely.
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

(15-06-2016, 05:03 PM)Renton Wrote: We're still evaluating the potential legal risk of opening up discussion here, it's not so clear-cut. if we decide we absolutely can't open up discussion here there is already something in place that gets around the problem and we'll take that route for those discussions, only problem is we'll need some people to help out (don't ask us, we'll ask you) UKCR will stay though, it's going nowhere..

Glad to hear this! :)
Moderation note: I split off the side discussion around import to its own thread: https://www.ukchemicalresearch.org/Threa...-importing

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