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UKCR is one year old !
Happy Birthday UKCR...

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone involved.all the mods and blods...this truly is a great educational site..without friendly forums like this I think many questions wouldn't have been asked and much knowledge left slide or unnoticed...

There's No Such Thing As Madness, Only Different Degree's Of Sanity...
What a milestone!
Barely been here a month or two - though been lurking ever since results started showing up in my all too frequent Google-searches about RC's, and noticed a pattern of balanced and informed replies, and answers that weren't being found elsewhere.
It wasn't until after I spent a bit of time on IRC I decided to take the plunge and register, and I'm glad I did. There's a definite sense of community I haven't found anywhere else. I've always felt welcome and appreciate all support I've received during bad times in the past.

Happy birthday, fUKCR's! thumbup Snort Party
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Nice one, happy b'day. [Image: congratulations-2271.gif]

Have you made the effort to listen to your subconscious today? 'Your sake' breakz are as amazing as line times or pin mins.

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Late with birthday greetings, as per usual, but belated happy birthday UKCR anyways. :) Bet some people thought it would never get there at various times, think some others were determined it wouldn't. Good to see it's still plugging away, think most of us recognise its value HR and community-wise and would like to see it develop still further as a resource. Here's to twelve coming months of peace and harmony across the boards, and to the terrible twos in store thereafter! ;)
yes a great site i had flirted with a few forums before but never really got involved but this site made me feel at ease straight away and also very welcome especially admin and the mods. viva UKCR
Happy Birthday UKCRer's!

Great to see UKCR going from strength to strength. A BIG THANK YOU to Everyone involved.
This site and individuals have helped me have great fun and been there for me when i've hit a problem.
It's ok if you disagree with me. I can't force you to be right.
Belated 1st & 2nd Birthday!

Let 'em eat Cake.

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