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Big Grin 
Blame @stephen , moved to a thread so I can add more at leisure and you can , well, ignore at leisure. We all win.

[Today 07:47 AM] PsychMink : I did like "the enzymes cannae take it" joke
[Today 07:47 AM] Stephen : lmao you definitely make any trip.... strange rrr holy fuck
[Today 07:44 AM] PsychMink : Renton's feedback on every RC plan I told him about - The enzymes willnae take it ya crap mun
[Today 07:43 AM] Stephen : u doing good?
[Today 07:43 AM] Stephen : I meant I started quoting star trek hey she's the sober one da fyck
[Today 07:42 AM] PsychMink : Live Long and if you're shooting blanks, Foster.
[Today 07:38 AM] Stephen : sorry I drove off so soon
[Today 07:37 AM] Stephen : lmao my sister just woke me up and started quoting star trek or some shit

Precise volumetric measurement - the trouble with dribbles

Eating prior to entactogens - the trouble with nibbles

Vendor X strategy - We treat all tests along similar lines to the Kobayashi Naru test in Star Trek. What, no, not that they're challenging, that we're gonna fail so better cheat.
something's compromised the port nacelle - in laymans terms, my left nostril's blocked

 "Our mission, to boldly go as far as or occassionally a tiny bit further than anyone has gone before, writing up TRs or other guidance but without compromising safety."

Have you made the effort to listen to your subconscious today? 'Your sake' breakz are as amazing as line times or pin mins.


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