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Tryptamine/Lysergamide ban: LIST YOUR FIRESALE DEALS!!!
With the 7th of january; the date of the ban on currently legal tryptamines (5-meo-Dalt/Malt, aMT) and lysergamides (LSZ, AL-LAD) fast approaching. We researchers have an oppurtunity to get some last minute research done at rock bottom prices.

Please post here any deals and discounts on these products you have seen about the place. Include if christmas discounts are also available and if stackable.

I'll kick things off with purechemicals.net

they are offering 50% off 5-Meo-Dalt, and also happen to be running a 50% off sale on etizolam pellets. Both of these deals can be used with their 25% of XMAS code. So for anybody weak on maths, thats 75% off etizolam and 5-meo-DALT.

Note: From the 7th the tryptamines and lysergamides will join their cousins in CLASS A. If you want to remain on the correct side of the law you should discard any remaining materials before the 7th.
Might make that my sig, all the cool kids have one.
Cheapest AMT im yet to find is BB with the code 'AMTSALE' was still working when i tried the other week. 

Just got my order of DALT from PC through the door today, first order from them, packaging seems impressive. Yet to test it

LSZ seems to be gone i think.

AL-LAD, the cheapest im sure would be LL but i still got some, yet to test any, from OS since hes also got MALT and hes a spot on fella.

Which to my knowledge only leaves RA as a supplier of anything else. If anyone would care to expand my knowledge of whats left where, well please do, but as ive only just popped my lurk cherry and dont even have a face up yet im in doubt of a PM deluge. Peoples opinions of RA on this forum seem to be lowly also no sale yet ive noticed, probably a 10% off lurking the web somewhere. Ive not heard much positive about  5-MeO-AMT and the while i havent read any/much about 4-AcO-DALT the price of it is more than my beleaguered Christmas wallet can take. There you go all i know.

Happy Hunting

Obvs i dont know how many stocks of what are sitting where, but, i wouldn't be too surprised if theres only AMT and DALT floating about at the end. but what do i know

I tell a lie LL still has LSZ but in crystal form only it seems, beleaguered wallet and all that :(

Rave gardener (poor company i know) are now offering the same prices on Dalt as PC when you use 'meryychristmas' as a voucher code. 

And if yur thinking twice about BB with theyre current fuck ups RCUK are offering 5g AMT for £50 with the code i think 'RCUK50'

Also noticeed RA still sem to be stocking blots of LSZ but no discount codes ive came accross yet

and infact ignore previous about RCUK the more ive looked ive found them to be cowboys, appologies

AMT now at £36/5g at SSD with code 'xmas'

researchchemist.co.uk have now done further price cuts 3g AMT with bogof comes to £40.50/6g with code 'TTRX10' Theres perhaps better cde about and theyve also reduced prices on their DALT

AMT again, chemwire are now (werent they already) offering AMT at half price and with their 'DEC20' code that once again works out at £44/5g, they seem to have no pure DALT

I knows this is a little slapdash from me throwing up various offers on here im just posting what i can when i can, i assume over the christmas break itll slow down and il can tabulate the bests for what and get abit more order on the go. Also holding out hope for abit of a LAD blowout maybe thrhough LL just before the date but i aint no soothsayer, Be interested to see what dirction RA takes since hes bound to these laws as well but has been sient on the matter so far

Chemwire have just kinda dropped the bomb with 10g of AMT for £50 also RA have now just got a 20% discount running

Then again 5g Bogof on researchchemist  for £35 so thats 10g for 35G places are really starting to chuck it out now

DEC20 for CW is 10g of AMT for £40
TTRX10 on ResearchChemcist is 10g of AMT for £31.50

Also research chemist is still insrock of 5-Meo-DALT at knockdown prices

As pointed out by Magick Research chemist had a code for 20% off 'FIREWORK'

so that would make 10g - £28

also if you were inclined to need 20g of amt you could get it for £48 using the code and your still valid for the free gift. I imagine they wont qualm with samples

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