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Tropanes (Datura/Brugmansia etc.)
Well It’s very rare to even see Datura or Brugmansia - garden centres do sell them but not in large amounts and usually fairly expensive though can be raised from seed but not very many seem to cultivate them; did grow a peach flowered Brugmansia years back - might have a photo - beautiful scent.
Anyway decided to grow some Datura - have two plants - small but doing fabulous kicking out flowers regular - pale lavendar-indigo sort of shade - first flowers were paler so see how colour develops as the bloom get larger; very very light simple scent - might become stronger too; stunning plants - they should be wider grown - lots of garden plants are poisonous, irritant etc so that shouldn’t be a problem but they are just stunning - I will be adding photos later - also know of a small botanical greenhouse in a park where they had a brugmansia so will go and see if it is still alive there - it was quite a shrub as I recall - cuttings maybe...
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words from my friend (we made a tea from lots of big leaves (4 people), but soon after drinking i had vomit, the others had not! still the extreme effects began soon, i saw blood comming from peoples eyes, ears and mouth and other very very very bizare extremely real looking hallucinations, people saw us and took us to hospital, the drive was the most horrific expirience in my life, i saw a big clock on my hands all the time that was telling me some crazy shit, that im going to die, burn in hell, i saw spiders, like big human spiders crawling all over me...note that i have vommited, others where going crazy, 1 friend jumped of a small bridge in a shallow water, was in a coma for 10 days, i was not formal for a week or more, our mouth was PEELING from the inside, it took more than 1 month to things get better, the strain i dont know, they had big white flowers, that hang down, it was more of a bush than plant)

DO NOT FUCK WITH DATURAS and other deliriants, its is NO FUN, but extremely unpleasant, oh yeah, month after he smoked some weed (like 2 puffs, he was a everyday smoker before the datura), and the weed brought some of the effects back, very unpleasant 1 month after!)....eng not my first language :)
@TedytheJunky ,  wow that was hard! Sorry for you and your friends! Yes these are horrible drugs (mostly, 99% devil, 1% angel).

Hi all, nice to see people talking about such delirogens.
I tried datura (we had the plant outdoor here in Belgium, you have to take it inside during winter), pretty small but many many nice flowers! (witch I used for the trip), long time ago now, also did many times DPH at various dosage, but these are dangerous drugs (by their compounds and by the trip itself).

->not sure I would try it again.

Also tried Amanita, it's also really "unique", these are drugs where hallucinations seems almost too real, impossible to say if it's real or not, with sometimes a moment of lucidity where you tell yourself "wow that was pretty strong! I must be completely messed up right now..."
It's really  confusing, not like any other "classical psychedelic".

I will wrote a small trip report here very soon, and will point out similarities and differences about these 3 drugs.

All good!
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