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Tripping Stuff

Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
Resurrecting the thread in the hope we can resurrect the forum and get good ideas for what to do during our trips.


I've noticed since taking 1p-lsd I seem to have a greater sensitivity to how people move and I put this down partly to enjoying watching films. It's helped me decode meaning in fiction, for example I didn't really understand American Psycho until I watched it on 1p-lsd. The strongest reaction I've had to a film was:

Fight club:

The film was making me way too on edge to relax and get into the plot but my brain did pick up on the themes. For example in this scene, my body was aching all over, it felt like it was decaying and it initiated a vision of me being in a maze of spider-web like flesh (in hindsight, very similar to the opening credit sequence) whilst my consciousness was trying to escape it. In fact for the whole peak of the trip I thought I was dying and although I was very anxious it was also liberating because I felt like a beaten up tired body that was about to disintegrate, I also felt the presence of a "soul" or something within my body that was observing it and perceiving it purely as "hardware". Very odd trip but definitely recommended for people who can handle a bit of darkness. To be honest i had to take a short toilet break after the linked scene to calm down. Headaches, pains all over, felt like I was driving a beaten up car and loving the disconnection from my body that I was experiencing. has subtly changed how I perceive my own body. "Push the hardware to the limit" my brain cried out.


Pornography doesnt really work on 1p-lsd, although the slower scenes can be visually interesting. I think it promotes a very narrow focus and draws your attention so much that it almost kills the trip. Having said that, there are a few porns that work really well, particularly the work directed by Andrew Blake. The particular film where I discovered this was pin-up girls 2. Worth paying for the DVD quality one to work best with your trip. But if you want to watch a shitty quality version you can find it with the title "Andrew Blake Pin Ups2" on vporn if you google, with all the disclaimers that come with accessing dodgy streaming porn sites...

reconstruct the url at your own risk, no idea how dodgy this site is http www dot vporn dot com/vintage/andrew-blake-pin-ups/835792/

The scenes are highly choreographed and expertly shot. It's probably as close as pornography will get to "high art". Each scene seems to be based around a concept. During the peak, I saw past the pornographic aspects, was able to see all the movement motifs and it was as if I was observing a hidden language within the film. The unusual camera cuts and non linear progression through the scene coupled with the slow movement mean that it's pretty much designed for maximum effect for the lysergic headspace. The music selection is also very good with obvious custom made pieces where the instruments do sonic representations of the sensations that the woman is experiencing.

Computer Games:

I'm struggling to find computer games that work really well with a trip. Open world games can be a visual treat but have become wary of trying them on harder psychadelics due to some attacks I had in Skyrim where I was attacked by a rodent like creature and couldn't stop itching. I do however really enjoy playing Sublevel Zero.


When sober your brain really wants to keep track of which way up you are, but psychadelics make you not give a shit and it can be a really fun experience zooming around with no concept of up or down.

Could talk about music but we all know music is the shit and we all have our own preferences.
Re-watched the film 'Waking Life' by Richard Linklater on a quarter tab of 1P-LSD last weekend.
The film itself is pretty far out both in terms of the subject matter, i.e. the nature of reality, and the film's visuals, which are animated from the actors acting out the scenes in front of the camera.
First off even on a quarter tab the way the visuals transform and shift is so reminiscent of what is seen when taking a stronger dose of psychedelics that watching the film was quite distracting and sometimes even uncomfortable.
The subject matter is most definitely mind bending enough when in a sober state, at one point when one of the protagonists was questioning whether they were in fact dreaming and unable to wake up I started to feel a mild panic coming on as I questioned my own state of being.
Having said that the film is profoundly mind blowing and although overall I would say I enjoyed the experience of watching it in an altered state, maybe something a little less deep would have been easier to digest though.

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