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Tried a new USA Vendor and WOW!
So I came across this site on google and placed a small order of 3-MMC. I figured it was a scam like all the rest but after I read some reviews they seemed legit. It was literally the best 3-MMC I've ever had. I found out that they are actually licensed to handle the chems and they sythnesize all their own stuff. they gave me ten % off for first time customer, plus they will reship a package for free if you don't get it and there's no minimum order amount. PLUS i get a referral discount, so if anyone decides to try them out, mention "Tim L." please lol

The site is http://www.RcChemTech.com, I highly recommend them and i want a discount on my next order lol

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Tried a new USA Vendor and WOW! - by rcguy - 08-01-2020, 10:34 PM
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