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Tribulus terrestris and ZMA.
Nah doesn't raise test afaik. Does make you horny and giefs boners, but it's like drinking too much caffeine.
The only thing that raises (and supresses natural production) is testosterone. No supplement directly raises testosterone enough to notice any difference.
(08-10-2014, 11:01 PM)Tizzy Wrote: yohimbine raise test levels? or just hard ons? haha cos acetildenfil does the latter.

yohimbine certainly delivers boner-wise, but you wouldn't want to take it regularly enough to effect hormones coz of side effects.

One of which (as far as the raw wood/splinters is concerned) is to give you facial acne like twelve year old within 48 hours of ingestion. Every pimple with a big white head on it. You may look like John Holmes downstairs, but a face like a pizza isn't attractive.
(05-07-2014, 07:50 PM)DuctTapetheDamage Wrote: It's not really a feasible option in this country, unless you have a lot of money and an understanding doctor.

In an ideal world everyone would have blood tests taken before embarking on a course of hormone altering supplements, but in reality it's not likely here. The bodybuilding forums aren't particularly helpful for such information either, as they're full of bro-science and condescension.

I had low testoterone when I was on methadone and heroin. When I asked my DR about getting testosterone patches he just laughed and said I would be ok, I was just imagining it. I then showed him a story about canadian methadone addicts getting testosterone patches and he just laughed again. Even though im clean now, though I use kratom quite a bit, I still have low levels I can tell. 

I tried zma but they did nothing but give me weird dreams. Im thinking about getting test patches. Anyone ever tried them??

I also thought of buying test ethanate which is the body builders steroid but only taking tiny doses so hopefully I wouldnt get the dodgy effects like a pair of tits and shrunken bollocks.
Sorry bumping this after a year, has anyone got a good source for ZMA, or indeed recommend it? I've bought from bulkpowders and I'm sure it's increased my drive a little if I take one or two before bed, though I'm sure not as much as it I cut out all the bad shit, made sure I got more sleep, improved diet yada yada.. Anyway I have ZMA in front of me now, and it contains magnesium citrate 450mg(120% RDS), vit B6 10.5mg (750%) RDA and zinc(various forms- totalling 30mg-300%). That is if I take 3, and I figure because my diet is decent I usually only take 1 or 2 before bed. Now I realise I would probably do myself more good if I just stopped taking kratom, as that stuff for sure drops testosterone, but does anyone have any advice on other places I can get this stuff higher quality without breaking the bank, or indeed if it's worth it? I'm looking to improve drive, not stayiong power or size which is ok for me. However I have noticced in my thirties I've become less interested which is slightly concerning.

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