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Tribulus terrestris and ZMA.
Tizzy, have you heard of yohimbine? Might be worth a shot... still unscheduled in the UK. ;)
How to think like a genius: ban all the shit that puts 2 idiots into hospital once a month but tax the liquid shit that puts 1.2 million in (a large number of which are completely innocent and didn't even touch it).   blink  

i havent. will look into it :)

ZMA and T.terrestris have been giving me some awful dreams! so vivid.
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Dreams suck ass, smoke No erryday or near abouts and you wont have this problem as often.
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smoke noids every day and after a few years the dreams come back! 

I can live with it. 
Although had a strange one this morning, I fell back asleep with the tv on and was dreaming that i was watching the tv (same program, but different people). woke up and because of how i was positioned i was still watching TV... didn't know which me was me for 20 seconds or so.
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ZMA have worked wonders for myself I found them better taken in the morning or afternoon rather than at night like most suggest.

T.terrestris didnt do much for me at all.

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Cognition Tuning

(when i actually remember to take them) they work wonders for me too, never taken them separately really but it probably is the ZMA.
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The only reason it is suggested that ZMA be best taken is at night is due to the body producing testosterone mostly during sleep, but taking the supplements themselves at night might night work best for some, I can imagine digestion, metabolism and uptake of the supplements to vary person to person. Even so, I doubt ZMA in the morning would really benefit the body in exactly the same way as if it were taken in the afternoon or evening.

I had tried tribulus on a number of occasions with differing results. Since it works on the luteinizing hormone it can go either way, once or twice used was boosting energy and mood and giving me a morning wood that resembled fucking priapism, alternatively too often would make the old nips tender from excess estrogen. Bit of a tricky substance frankly and it put me off.

Not fond of overdoing it with vitamins and supplements really, but I do on occasion pop an extra zinc and vitamin c before bed, and wake to some vitamin d, a multivitamin a couple of times per week perhaps and a couple on days i have a sesh on stims, good enough for me.
(20-08-2014, 10:18 AM)Tizzy Wrote: smoke noids every day and after a few years the dreams come back!

gayest NWA lyrics ever
don't think of this as the end, think of it as a chance to make new friends with dealers
(19-08-2014, 08:07 PM)Zed Wrote: Tizzy, have you heard of yohimbine? Might be worth a shot... still unscheduled in the UK. ;)

Yohimbine is not a lot of fun. It does work as advertised tho.
yohimbine raise test levels? or just hard ons? haha cos acetildenfil does the latter.
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