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Tribulus terrestris and ZMA.
DAA would be the more reliable option imo.
@Tizzy - article in this week's new scientist about testosterone supplements - maybe worth casting your eye over..
I tried ZMA a couple of times from H and B under the pretence that it boosts Human Growth Hormone.  Not sure about testosterone.  I don't think there are any trials to support that it boosts either and, anecdotally, I didn't notice any appreciable effects.

If you're not going down the steroid/hgh/peptides route the most effective way of boosting both testosterone and HGH is to lift very heavy weights in the low rep range (5) to failure, targeting large muscle groups i.e. legs.  Deadlifts are an excellent choice.  I often found that by training my legs on Monday I would get a boost for the rest of the week - including keeping the old pecker up!
no trib yet but the ZMA has made me moody and my sex drive has massively improved. also scary dreams. (Test side effects?) and rock hard boners. this was the day after taking it!! maybe placebo but i was certainly a LOT harder and definitely had the most intense dream of my life. 

will have to see if this translates into any objective effects. 

lotta info! thanks for the replies! i actually had DAA in my cart but swapped it for Trib. May pick some up. 

The ZMA was cheaper than a magnesium and zink alone so went for it. 

i'll try the weights thing. although i lift 4/5 days a week although not to fail, need to work throughout the day. 

other things are, i eat well mostly and get enough sleep usually. could lose a few pounds but dont really want to, i like my looks. i could definitely do with more cardio though, which is something ill try fit in. 

knocked kratom on the head although may have it as a once a month thing. 

will research the PCT and DAA. i'll keep you guys posted, Trib should be here tomorrow.
Hood Hippy word
The first thing I would do is a blood test for at least:
total testosterone
free testosterone
dht (optional)
shbg (optional)

This will determine a baseline for comparison after treatment, see if you actually have low testosterone and if you do where the problem might be (for example high lh/fsh + low T means that your pituitary and hypothalamus are working correctly, but your balls aren't responding). 

I'd suggest taking the test in the morning (that's when natural production peaks) after a week or so of no drugs/stress (both can suppress it temporarily) and enough sleep/quality nutrition (lack of these two can also cause temporary suppression). 

If your doctor doesn't agree to this, find a private lab and pay out of pocket (shouldn't be expensive... it's about 20eur here, so even taking into account the difference in per capita GDP it should be affordable). I can't really tell you more since idk how this works in the UK. Maybe some other board members have experience and can explain in more detail. You can also ask on http://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/ somewhere in the steroid section.
It's not really a feasible option in this country, unless you have a lot of money and an understanding doctor.

In an ideal world everyone would have blood tests taken before embarking on a course of hormone altering supplements, but in reality it's not likely here. The bodybuilding forums aren't particularly helpful for such information either, as they're full of bro-science and condescension.
couldnt agree more with the bro-science!

and yeahh not gonna bother with blood tests haha. 

subjective effect have me feeling, something. upped weights and felt notably more "pumped" yesterday and pretty damn confident although that's never been a problem for me. 
could be purely placebo. definitely some GI issues though.
Hood Hippy word
I find test boosters a bit weak tbh, the same results can be achieved by jacking it a lot and eating steak. Different strokes and all that though.
Some do have knowledgeable members, you have to do some research on your own too so you can spot the broscience, but then if you don't research whatever you plan to take, you should probably just leave it alone.

I hope this isn't against any rules, but this one has actual science - http://www.datbtrue.co.uk/forums/index.php
It's more focused on peptides than steroids and isn't really for 'i want to be a 300 pound beast' people, but it's good. The bl section is small but has some knowledgeable members too.

And most test boosters are a scam. No proof of them doing anything.
I noticed USN Anabolic Protein to have very strong testosterone boosting properties (libido went through the roof when taking this regularly), so I'm wondering which core ingredients within this caused the effect? It does contain some zinc and magnesium, but maybe it's one of their secret patented ingredients.

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