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Tribulus terrestris and ZMA.
after abusing kratom others have noticed lower testosterone levels. myself included (although subjectively.)

id also like to raise mine anyway as i do a lot of very physical work and believe it would aid this.

has anybody tried tribulus and ZMA combined? or on their own?

any recommendations as to when to dose? 

just any first hand info at all really?
Hood Hippy word
(01-07-2014, 09:37 PM)Tizzy Wrote: id also liek to raise mine anyway as i do a lot of very physical work and believe it would aid this.

That Tizzy.. always ringin' his bell..

[Image: iYSiK.gif]

..love the hair bro'..

....Renton might have a tip for you to explore..

[Image: 200.gif]
Deeply, deeply disturbing. Well done.
very disturbing haha. 
but no not for wanking. although i realise it will increase libido/sex drive, which is already pretty high but the Mrs doesn't complain... till it chafes. 

also hoping it provides a bit more "kill" and agression for me to attack work and build more muscle faster.
Hood Hippy word
I don't think that Tribulus terrestris actually raises testosterone levels, ZMA might help a bit.

D-aspartic acid can also raise testosterone levels and should be available as a nutritional supplement.

And there is always the option of using SERMs like you would after a steroid cycle....

You'll have to quit the kratom for any of this to help obviously. If you want to take it (or other opiates) and have normal/high testosterone at the same time trt is your only option.
I've heard these work OK for the boner but not so much for the drive. The best is as TD says to reduce kratom use. I don't know if you can balance the two or if its any more than damage control, a bit like taking a note to make up for benzos induced memory loss. Also ZMA isn't supposed to be much better than a zinc and magnesium supplement. I got one from h&b with calcium for very cheap in comparison to the bodybuilding companies.
ZMA increases test levels by increasing the availability of anabolic hormones and keeping the body in an anabolic state for a longer time. It is is excellent for recovery and also a great sleep aid. Best taken around 45 mins before hitting the sack. Although taking a calcium supplement would actually counteract the effects, so avoid any milk or yogurt etc.
3g of D aspartic acid a day works very well increasing testosterone, best and most noticable I have come across, althought it can come with some nasty headaches after a while.
Tribulus I'm yet to try. Hope that helps :)
Quality chemicals at low cost, Satisfaction Guaranteed...

[Image: 3gsalef.png]
..blocking DHT will increase serum levels of testosterone..
However DHT is also one of the hormones that makes you a man. If you're going to be playing with hormones, I'd suggest blocking (SERMs) or lowering e2 instead (AIs). Go to one of the many boards that deal with anabolic steroids and read up on PCT protocols and run one of those. Obviously you need to quit the kratom (and other opiates) too.

A few blood tests would be great too - one before doing anything, one during treatment, one at the end and one a few months later. Measure at least testosterone/free test/lh/fsh/e2.
Doesn't make you a man but does influence secondary sexual characteristics, blocking won't take away what you've got in the majority of older adults - read 30 and older.. should not be used whilst still developing.. it does have risk concerns though..

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