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Trance Music
The best thing is they are taking influence from breakbeat, 2 step, jungle, and all kinda of other genres. Another good UK artist is Slackbaba, psychedelic as hell but not trance. For trance try Synthetik Chaos, Fagin's Reject and E.V..P. They are all big on using base as a melodically tool which never used to happen in the old days. And believe me, if you are on enough acid these guys will get you and leave you feeling like you have been to a cosmic therapist when you leave the party. And no djs above the revellers, they are on the same level.

Oh, if you like dark but different try Scorb. Very unique sound. A bit freaky but no harm in that.

Here's a nice couple of pieces of Slackbaba. Properly psychedelic, but verging on DNB and breaks



To live outside the law, you must be honest - Bob Dylan    

(23-12-2012, 07:48 AM)King Wrote: Oh dear don't let blodwyn see this thread. She is the biggest trance nazi i know!

Blod leave it, leave it......

And we know what happened last time !!  lol

How are we kingio?

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