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I tried both Tianeptine forms (Sodium and Sulphate) on two different ocassions and had similar (very positive) but different results.

Quick comparison:

Sodium - I took this in a proper branded medicine pill (12.5mg x 3 doses daily). Right from the first dose, I noticed an immediate mood lift, and some anti-anxiety effects. These effects lasted a few weeks I took it, and I had no side-effects. Inbetween doses there was no come-down, just my mood wasn't as "lifted". The drug works very subtly like an anti-depressant, but has a definite effect on mood, with a sense of well-being. I also felt more motivated to socialize, work and do things.

Sulphate - I took this in powder form. I had read you need 3x the sodium dose, as this form gets absorbed into the body more slowly, but the effects last approx twice as long. My first dose was 40mg. I hardly felt anything, placebo-effect. I decided to increase the dose to 100mg (which was done gradually over 2 hours). I definitely noticed this dose! It was similar to sodium experience, only much more pronounced. I was feeling quite depressed and extreme lethargic/brain fog on the day I took it. Those feelings absolutely vanished. I felt highly energised both mentally and physically and very motivated to work. Concentration skills and problem solving were boosted, creativity and social interactions became easier. I also noticed some significant pain-relief (I suffer with a chronic pain condition from a tumor). This makes sense as I read the drug has actions on the opioid receptors.

I tried higher doses, and found 150-200mg around the right dose for me.

This is much higher than what I've read other people taking (< 50mg). I'm not sure if this was due to a weak/poor product I received (it was very cheap and more chalky powdery compared to the flaky substance Sulphate is often described as). Or maybe it was just the dose I needed due to chronic depression. I felt no adverse effects at this dose at all. The onset was gradual, and I returned to baseline gradually over the space of maybe 6 hours or more. Food seemed to have no effect on absorption.

In summary, I would compare this drug to a much "cleaner" version of Tramadol, in so far as it's an effective immediate anti-depressant and painkiller, with the added benefits of a nootropic. Tianeptine is unusual though in that it has anti-anxiety properties *and* stimulating properties, but doesn't seem to make anxiety worse if you have anxiety tendency. I much prefer the Sulphate format over the Sodium, due its longer action. The only thing which puzzled me is why I need so much more of the Sulphate version. I would have to try other Sulphates though from other sources to confirm whether that was a weak product, or whether the much higher dose was actually needed. At the 200mg dose I was taking, this could be quite expensive if taken daily - especially if tolerance developed! Ironically I expected the Sulphate version to work out cheaper than buying the Sodium pills, but really it turned out more expensive, 1g was gone in 4-5 days!

This is actually quite moorish too at higher dose, and I could see myself re-dosing (even on Sulphate) so I think you have to be careful with it. The good thing seems to be unlike a conventional SSRI, you can take a break from it whenever you like and not feel meh. So if taking at a higher dose some days, it may be worth cycling it, one week on, one week off, or at least spacing 3 days between doses.
been using this for ages personally. just take a small dab under then tongue (<15mg probably. USE SCALES THOUGH) and gots me out of a shit mood. 
usually if I've had a bad shift and just feel a bit fed up or like I dont know what to do with myself. 
bought from ebay tianeptine store also. 

im not interested in abusing it. and cant really give much more detail as its been a fair while since i had any....

fuck it... in the name of science...
Hood Hippy word
(08-08-2016, 04:40 PM)Tizzy Wrote: been using this for ages personally. just take a small dab under then tongue (<15mg probably. USE SCALES THOUGH) and gots me out of a shit mood. 
usually if I've had a bad shift and just feel a bit fed up or like I dont know what to do with myself. 
bought from ebay tianeptine store also. 

im not interested in abusing it. and cant really give much more detail as its been a fair while since i had any....

fuck it... in the name of science...

Im guessing thats the sodium version not the sulfate?

i had the smal joys of experiencing a few days worth of sodium a long time ago and as opposed to the short on and off switch as is often mentioned i found mysef being able to have a well cheered round day from nly perhaps 15mg in the morning (as some may know this is hard to say with the fact it loves moisture) but compensating that the dose woud have been arround 15-20mg and even though these a.... preliminary results i think my next phase is to return to sodium.

Ive been a depressed fuck recenty (this could/is liky all situational depression so can be a little sideined), probaby longer than ive known its either 3-6 months dependin on what i tell myself, liky 6. My tianeptine odium trials were perhaps 12 months ago and cant be relied on soidly feeing i had a etter base then, time diations, yeah those cunts but the effects i got (percieved) after a small ammount of T sod made that whole day abit of a breeze and absent mindedy a passabe giggle, Tests need to be reafirmed.

With sufate, being my final pre ban purchaase i went for 2g of it i belive also from a common bay supplier of tianeptine via the bay. I have read the same information as ohers on here about suphate reuiring about 3x as sodium bcause of its moleclar mass. unfortunaty these trails cme of the back of some tramadol trails so again whie effects are blurred i sti think i can see through the efects better with these.

With the typical 40mg sulf i was using at the start of each day, it very simpy and easily transition from the effect tramadol brouht to the table ut without the giddyness that you dont quite know you have while on trams... Experiment contined for perhaps 2 weeks at arround 40mg sulf daiy, perhaps enhanced being ale t put up with stupid bullshit, infact yeah def +1 for that but either due totainteptne sulf its sef or my tram behaviour previoud(very conservative, 1/2 strips

Eitherway after a period of anti-antidepressants returning to tianeptine with a more of a fuck it viour, whie i have read of horror stories and high dose terribles ith what i have im relativly happy,returning to tian sulf i experimented ith doses 80-120mg ranges with occasional 50% redoses ater and i can say that this compoind did give me a warm reassured sence at those doses , youd have to huck it hard t get the opiate kick prperly out of it, also triaed with atarax as a antihistamine, dont think i can report egative effects.

But....... it boils down to how i feel for the substance now, iven the choice of soidium over sulfate i think id rather the sodium (iven somekind of atmospheric sealant) While sodium is reported to only have a HL of  few hours i dont think  im alone in being able to remember and repicate that feeling for the whoe day, obs there are those that cant and sry srs but my next experimental cash goes toward sodium
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
Not even remotely close to kratom in doses up to 150mg(sulphate) in terms of noticeable effects I would say, so where the comparisons are with heroin I don't know.
It takes the edge off opiate withdrawal very well, unfortunetly it hast been studied very often. The sulphate is better. But large doses to get he antidepressant effect could be dangerous.
I ordered this from a certain Canadian vendor in Ontario who is known for his stock of very rare substance or as least used to, now his list is much smaller and less appealing.

I got 1g about 2-3 months ago, I figured it was a small amount and priced at $15/ I figured it would be enough. At the time I was on MMT, about 180mg/day and RXed benzos also, 4mg clonazepam. I was actually was going through some depression problems around this time. I had gone to see a psychiatrist (returned rather) due to several factors; for one in May or June a close acquaintance died in a very unexpected and tragic manner. He was beaten severely by the meth heads he was hanging out with, apparently his face had swelt (sp!?) to an extreme size, in the hospital he began convulsing but due to his chart listing a history of overdoses on methamphetamine, the doctors treated his seizures as if caused by stimulant overdose rather than head trauma. He was 26yrs and had become a father as of 2 weeks, when he gave birth to a beautiful and healthy daughter, who is now without his father! This is the 2nd time that someone close to me lost their life prematurely. The 1st time I lost my best friend in a similar way when I was 17yrs old, he was 19yrs old and as organized and tight as we were these 5 guys in 2 separate cars pulled up and the cause of death showed that it was head trauma from landing the back of his head on cement. The death was almost instant, the witness said he was able to get up from where he had fallen, very disorient, headed across the street (probably heading home) and that is where he collapsed. This fucked me up bad, he had introduced me to everyone, with him I made a lot of money selling a ton of pills that weren't used (20's, 40's, duragesics, percs, etc), but above all he was my best friend and I still dream about him.

Anyways I began feeling this way again. I was an emotional wreck! I was feeling impending doom and seeing death everywhere around me, a day or two after my buddy/acquaintance died this year I threw my dog a toy, he ran to get it but didn't return it instead stayed to see something else that looked white. I got a closer look and the toy had landed right beside a dead goose (big white bird)...this was the first time I had cried and I bawled realizing that I am surrounded by death everywhere I went.

I saw the psychiatrist and didn't want to try SSRIs so he suggested to me that I take the anti depressant Mirtazepine. I was and still am on MMT 180mg/day, 0.3mg clonidine/day and 4mg clonazepam/day. I had heard certain things about clonidine interacting with Mirtazepine, overeating, amongst several other side effects that I hadn't heard about happening with Tianeptine! The one concerning thing I later found out, mind you I would have never bought this chemical had I known this information previous was that it can cause extreme liver damage to the point of liver failure. This I came to find out later once I started experiencing the side effects.

So once I get the order I decided to treat it as an opioid and waited for my methadone to be done first before using any...I'd use my methadone in higher doses. I get 1 week carries and if I abuse it which happens quite often since this is the only drug is can use to get me high, it is gone in 5-6 days rather than 7 days, so on those last days I try to use an opioid which doesn't show. I used it for 3 days, 1 days on methadone 2x 20mg and it was okay, quite nice. Day 2 I used about 30mg 3-4x and that was when I fell in love with this, thinking where has this been all my life?! Day 3 I was getting more speedy effects overpowering the beneficial and emphatic effects so I stopped but vivid dreams persisted well into the 5th day, 90% of the time it was horrific.

*A big note to take in consideration for people taking tianeptine on methadone*

Since tianeptine works via NDMA regulation amongst other mechanisms, taking with methadone is pointless in my opinion, only experiencing the serotonin enhancing slightly stimulating effects, but a lot of the magic is lost this way. Another thing to make note of is that without any other opioids and/or other substances, tianeptine is most similar in feel to a 'methadone' type high because in my opinion it mimics the NDMA effects to the latter and the opioid effects are very apparent in high does, the highest I took was about 100mg-110mg at once, always orally and as many times as 3x a day. They felt okay almost like tapentadol or hydrocodone- best description, at least duration wise (2-3hrs) but l was very taken back/disappointed by the much too vivid dreams that come later at night when u decide to sleep.

I used tianeptine after learning of the possible liver toxicity sparingly. Only in 30mg amounts at highest, for depression only, ususally when I didn't have my full methadone dose or needed that extra boost. No more than 2 times a week so the magic was fully there.

I was so excited to have finally found something that works for me and then I realized something very disturbing. I was down to my last few miligrams, 50mg max were left when I scraping the powder carefully from the container. As I gather up 50mg I gathered up the powder in a pile and placed in on a piece of paper to transfer it into a capsule. Fellow bluelighters, I fucks you not, the entire 50mg had turned rock solid! I had to brake it apart bit by bit to get in the capsule. I also noticed that even before this observation I had seen some extremely concerning changes in my stool. It was as if I could 'see' the white discoloration on the shit that was the tianeptine. 

I will never order or try it again, unless I get it prescribed and even then. What I will say is that is greatly superior to the SSRI that I tried, Zoloft, that was a disaster, took it 3 days and already had adverse reactions (severe). I could see this being used after discontinuation of methadone/suboxone instead of being put right on the drugs immediately after a relapse (if only it had a safer health profile).  

In my opinion the effects are much too quick to use it when u run out of methadone or opioids.
- never done it but I heard that after injection your veins become extremely hard
- when the pure powder is mixed in solution it becomes very cloudy even when its most soluble
- some have speculated this could be what is in the Russian Krokodil disaster cases

Sorry I took this long!
Found this stuff to feel like a combination of codeine and pregabalin. Definitely not something I'd consider recreational, just felt strange.

That said, not sure if it was just placebo but it does have decent anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. I'll feel calm and in a decent mood for the rest of the day. Not high, just not depressed or anxious. I didn't crave a single benzo on it.

I do wonder what kind of funky shit it does to your brain being a TCA though. I've only ever used it a few times because TCAs do concern me.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
Does anyone have a preference for tianeptine sulfate vs the sodium? I hear the sodium is more abusable but is kinda wierd cuz its 3x cheaper than the sulfate. I think this might work wonders for my anxiety.
love the world and it will love you back. chin
(12-09-2016, 11:30 AM)bigazznugz Wrote: Does anyone have a preference for tianeptine sulfate vs the sodium? I hear the sodium is more abusable but is kinda wierd cuz its 3x cheaper than the sulfate. I think this might work wonders for my anxiety.
The sodium requires 3 doses a day. Sulfate is much better if you are using it for therapeutic purposes.
Found it did zilch for me. Could be more addictive than other anti-depressants as it its a full opiate receptor agonist and can cause Euphoria at higher doses. Keep to the reccomended doses and it could be a godsend as although its chemically a Tricyclic it exerts effects by indirect alteration of Glutamate receptor activity. So might work when other anti-depressants have been ineffective.

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