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Tianeptine addiction
Let me first start off by saying I have been addicted to opiates for 5 years starting with oxy and eventually moving up to iv use of heroin, it's been a constant battle to say the least. I've been to the done clinic and on and off bupe numerous times, but always ended back on dope. Lately after my last hard run on heroin daily for about 6 months straight I came across tianeptine on a forum I found out it is marketed in other countries as antidepressant but also found out is a full agonist at the μ and δ opioid receptors. So running low on funds decided to give it a try.and bought 100 grams from a trusted nurotropic site. Wow at first I couldn't believe it almost no transition withdrawal from heroin, and also it felt like a more functional opioid than heroin with almost a light amphetamine quality. Well been doing tianeptine for about 3 months, and as of lately ran out. And let me just say the withdrawal from this drug is just as bad as heroin and I'm on day 5 and still am sore sweaty cold and with out etizolam don't think I could have made it this far...
Interesting never heard of it. You think you could've tapered from it instead of using for six months? Anyway thanks for the info and good luck.
Take a shitload of Immodium (pun not intended) to help your withdrawals, in the long term you want to taper off with a proper opiate though obviously.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
Best bet would be to keep it around incase of emergencies, or if your not addicted to opiates use a few times a month. the high for the first couple months reminded me of oxy. Tolerance builds moderately fast so I think it would make a bad taper plus half life is short acting. I have loperamide so I'm straight their, looking to get my gabapentin script soon, wich will help a great deal. I could have always went back to the methadone clinic but I can't handle the stress and stigma of that place plus their always looking to kick you out cold Turkey. Been their done that.I believe I'm through the worst of it.
Thanks for the support tho.
Still interested. Don't know if this is sensitive for you Bubbacush since you're trying to quit but if you have a source which doesn't stock illegals(UK anyway) I think you're allowed to post it(( or pm). Found a nootro site in the UK talking about it but not a stocking yet, an eBay source overseas and some oversees pharmacies, would like to try. Were you following the recommended dosages? These new drugs are weird, can only compare kratom which I've been able to break from without much trouble but wouldn't mind giving something new a bash.
For those looking for a good source, and due to blowin up my pm's hears the cheapest and best quality tianeptine, use with caution and moderation start with100mg. http://www.powdercity.com/products/tianeptine-powder
Had a good look at this thanks to your post Bubbacush, looks interesting but I'm not sure, sounds a bit unsafe to me(comparisons to h withdrawal and the like). It does sound interesting as an antidepressant though, although at lower dosages.
Used this for a few months (weekly or so) at up to 100mg, quite nice however short acting (2-4h) and this could mean addictive. Haven't had any problems myself though.
Ya, I thought it would wean me off Dope, and be less withdrawl but I was wrong, i fell in love with this substance. I took up to a gram a day at the end of my use. before I had enough and i know it was stupid of me to dose so high. But I'm a opiate addict. Plus I read numerous reports of people dosing up to four grams for years with no negative affects when checked out by the doctor. Besides withdrawl of course. People in Russia shoot large doses of this drug witch I would never suggest to any one.
But if you got will power it would be a great thing to have around. It's the best legal opioid their is. I haven't taken any since my first post but dam do I miss it
i discovered tianeptine on longecity and love the stuff dosing at max 100mg but found myself dosing too many times in a day so decided to give myself a weeks break from sat. I used to do herion/methadone etc so am very familiar with opiates but havent done that stuff for years. tianeptine (in small doses) increases BDNF and other helpful stuff to the brain. :)

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