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This worries me.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p05...ugs-onlineJust clicked on to this for some fluff while I was having my tea.  I am genuinely concerned, not even so much for the simple dishonestly of it but for the fact that our national broadcaster saw fit to commission and run it.  Considering how many people consider the shite that the Daily Mail print factual, how many more will put their trust in whatever the BBC says.

I live in Glasgow, and believe me the men at the top are not  hanging about giving interviews to 2nd rate celebrities with》£100,000 worth of class A's on the property.  Balaclava or not!

I know that the BBC are liars but this takes it to a new level IMO.  Propaganda pure and simple.  And just for the record, I know that you can buy drugs from these sites.  I know that 16 year olds sell drugs,  but this was fantasy land.

I fully intend to complaint to OFCOM about this.
Psychedelic  Slut....

Cosmic Traveler.Independant ?Thinker.Drug AddictXX
Stacy fucking Dooley again.
Yeah if you can rely on something it's this.  Remember when she did one about "poverty" in Africa.  She's a total moron, but she looks Hot strolling around the  African heartlandß?
Psychedelic  Slut....

Cosmic Traveler.Independant ?Thinker.Drug AddictXX
She's a beauty alright, I was really hoping she'd get eaten by a wild animal in the African one, then vanished by a triad in the Japan one. Yet here she is again yay.

I just watched this through and even if it was all true, I'm struggling to understand her point. So teenagers use the available communication channels to, er, communicate, is all I'm hearing. Does she want teens to be trapped in faraday cages or what?

People often like getting high and seek it out. Always have always will. The only sensible approach is controlled availability and user education. Yet here is another giant step backwards, laced with fear and ignorance, from a hack who likes pushing people's buttons.
lmao Stacey Dooley Rolleyes sensationalist extraordinaire on the case.

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