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This Man Took 140 Drugs and Wrote a Harm Reduction Bible - VICE
I'm sure you've all seen this thread at one point, and some of you do own the book:
The Honest Drug Book & The UKCR Forum

Well I just saw an article at VICE pop up interviewing a familiar face that you should all have a good read over:
This Man Took 140 Drugs and Wrote a Harm Reduction Bible

VICE Wrote:What does a person who has taken 140 different drugs look like?

I didn't know what to expect before Skyping Dominic Milton Trott, author of The Honest Drugs Book – but really, his appearance shouldn't come as a surprise: a man in his fifties with a round, avuncular face and a warm Mancunian accent. Bald pate with funky ponytail tickling the nape of his neck and a hippy shark's tooth necklace hanging just below his Adam's apple.

Perhaps I was expecting something altogether more bereft: the Renton-esque image of someone who has dedicated their life to drugs. But exploding our stigmas around drugs is life mission for Trott, who embarked on a near-decade journey to write a book he hopes will serve as the ultimate harm reduction Bible. Make no mistake: The Honest Drugs Book – for which Trott consumed 140 drugs, writing intimate, semi-academic reports for most – is not a hedonist's handbook. So what inspired him to dive so deep into the rabbit hole?

Read the rest of the article over at VICE:

Great to see our very own @6dream getting some recognition in media for his work

I do notice this at the footer;
This interview has been edited for length and clarity.
@6dream, if David Hillier or yourself happen to have a longer draft would it be possible to share it here?  I'm sure plenty of us would love a read if there is.
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That's my cover blown.  

Mancunian accent? Lancashire in fact, although I guess it sounds the same to most folks. Bald pate? I dispute that strongly; indeedy I do.  blink  To be fair he was a pretty cool guy, and had actually done the appropriate research in advance, which is frighteningly rare these days. Kudos to him, and thanks.

I don't have any draft at all I'm afraid Renton. I think he may have recorded it and taken his own notes from that.
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Congrats 6Dream, the book deserves to do well.

Nice hat by the way  thumbup
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Great interview, 6dream :-)

And a gereat-looking book which I must get :-)
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