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The facebook group helping you take drugs as safely as possible (VICE NEWS)
I'll have a little look,
If I think I can help at all I'll join up but not on my actual FB page.
If I do join I'll message you my second accounts name in a PM
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
If I may - it appears to me that you seem far more concerned with showing off the numbers of members you have above anything else.
Sorry sidder, thats a big assumption. After seeing such steady growth for a while now you get used to the influx of floods of members, the numbers mean nothing to me, I have far more important things to worry about at the moment, when I talk about numbers its almost entirely due to the fact we need more moderators which are far outweighed by the members.

I'm actually too ill at the moment to properly admin due to benzo wd, last thing on my mind is numbers, all I need is a solid team of HR focused individuals, its not a competition.
Fair enough. That's just how it appears to me after reading through the thread.

Good luck with the group, and also the benzo withdrawals. Utter hell for a while, but well worth getting through to the other side, whatever your goal/reasons.
(17-11-2017, 01:58 PM)MrApollo Wrote: The owner is pretty sound but he invites experienced researchers in only for them to get kicked out by the seemingly teenage mods. I was one of them lol.

Some of are us are from teenagers.. if you were in the team you should of realised this. Granted the younger team members are in the "shit chat" a lot more than the older team members but yeah...

There also some VERY experienced people on the team. I won't give out names for privacy reasons but it's certainly not a group of ill informed teenagers.

I could say the same about this site.. when I first came here everybody was doing and promoting branded RCs.. even the staff.. also knowingly or unknowing buying/taking illegal drugs (cut mephedrone) branded as B2 sold by members here...

Also the legality concerns, when this site allowed vendors and sourcing... Happy

..there is nothing illegal about talking about drugs, despite what you guys might think/enforce here.

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