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The Germans!
I'm not fully aware of the whole scene but have been listening the hell out of Modeselektor and Moderat(which is Modeselektor and Apparat). Modeselektor makes amazing hard driving techno and Moderat's a bit more colourful and beautiful. I'm not sure what else there is from the area or if it's for me, I get attached to specific artists more than genre's, but I was having an amazing time last night listening with the right diissociative.

I'm also listening to John Talabot and Jon Hopkins(not German either). And the new Leftfield is ok. Anyone have any more suggestions like these?
Happy memories on BK-2C-B in a trance listening to a Moderat song on repeat for hours on end. It defines what BK-2C-B feels like to me. I agree with SteveBrule44. Anyone have any more suggestions like these?

All the boiler room Modeselektor mixes are sublime Nilf, especially Berlin. Think Moderat have one too. Have just ordered some albums. I listened to Sea Monkey last night also, awesome.

ps. interesting convo last night(won't repeat for daytime!)

edit: interesting that the youtube comments aren't nearly as hatey on Moderat as they seem to be for most artists (the boring 'your favourite's a fag, listen to x', 'no x is a fag, listen to blah blah)
Hello gallo by Neu. Discovered that in the last few years. Wonderful music.

Ten minutes of bliss for anyone with the time/inclination with a beautiful psychedelic ending.

Thanks for recommending Neu FT, not familiar with them before. Bit slower than I'm used to but I'll give it a try.

Can I add Jon Hopkins even though he's English. I found him through Modeselektor and also find his music seriously perfect.
Combichrist all day
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(17-12-2015, 04:28 PM)Renton Wrote: Combichrist all day

Aggrotech is a new genre for me but it sounds strangely attractive.

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