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THJ-018 herbal blends - ratios
Evening all

Does anyone here have any experience of making THJ-018 herbal blends?

Really interested to know what ratio of noid to herbs worked for you, or what would you suggest for a medium-strong blend?

I've seen a commercial blend available from a EU site, that cites 15% of noid per g of herb - so that's 150mg per g.

Does that sound about right?

Sounds to me a tad high compared to other noid blends that have been around, but realise THJ-018 is a fair less potent.

I did 1g powder to 25g herbs, used acetone.
No complaints, won't go stronger.
Nicely done...was that a reasonable strength?
Medium to high but won't have you flapping on the ground, its like strong natural. Its a good noid, long legs.
Thanks to all who bothered to record this information - I'm sitting here with multiple packets of noids, but as yet minimal equipment for measuring and dosing, so I'm intending to disperse my 500mg of THJ-018 onto some sort of substrate using a bath of acetone. 

Looking at what's in the kitchen before I go out buying herbs, I have a large jar of Moroccan spearmint and a small jar of (long out of date) garden mint, so I guess it's going to be a spearmint base this round, and based on the reports above I guess I'd looking at 500mg of THJ-018 to about 12.5g of dried herb for a comparable mixture to what's described above.

Quick sanity check: that's 40mg / gram and my target dose might be 2-3mg initially, so I'd need to use less than 1/10 gram of the finished mixture for a "dose". Fairly microscopic amounts will be used at this strength, but that might be no bad thing, small volume of unwanted material to be smoked and it'll be in a joint that I can always put down. A "dose" is anywhere from a couple of hits to the whole thing. It's not for sharing and I'll be the only user, so I think that a strong mixture and low dosage will be OK. 

This will be my first attempt at working with powdered noids, so thanks again to all who have bothered to document what they've done before. I'll report back on the blend once it's made and dried.

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