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Supplements to help recover from cannabinoid binge?
Hi guys,
I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything they helps to clear the head haze and lethargy resulting from heavy cannabinoid use the day before? Every now and then I get carried away and find myself getting more high than I probably should and then the day after I wake up in a fog that doesn't clear for hours and very tired/achey and was just wondering what if anything other than caffeine could help? I'm looking for supplements to get my body back to normal, nothing with a noticeable high. 

We talked about this in the shoutbox, so this isn't anything new to you, but I thought I'd stick it in the thread for visibility to other people.

I suggested that because most cannabinoids appear to have a fairly short half life, the chances are it's out of your system, but since cannabinoids alter sleep architecture, the symptoms of lethargy, aches and tiredness could well be the effects of getting poor quality sleep the previous night.

With that in mind, I suggested magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 might be helpful in the short term. (Which turns out to be the ingredients in the popular workout recovery supplement ZMA - I wasn't aware of this, but it makes sense).

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