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Store for junkies
Im not really sure if this is the type of post that is allowed on here but its a big thing in my town. Over the last few years when the quality of heroin went right down most of the addicts in my town got on the methadone and they go to the two local head shops which have bongs abd stuff on display but they really spend the whole day selling branded chemicals to addicts. 

They often wait outside the store at 9am so they can keep their binge going on. Some people are looking very unwell from theses chems but what I dont understand is why dont the shops sell real chemicals like eph or mpa instead of these dodgy mixes of chemicals with a brand name and no info of whats in it. 

One shop has stopped selling the chemicals now and only sell cannabanoids as they were selling a product called 'Biff' which the addicts were very keen on. Several of them ended up in hospital as the stuff was congealing in thier veins, often the groin or leg with the hardcore addicts and the police raided them to test all cemicals but they were all legal. The staff dont have a clue whats in them and if you ask they just say they dont know. Its also very expensive compared to buying off the net as they sell half grams of dubious product for £10.00 each and one shop sells boxes off 5 etizolam for 7.50 a box. Since etizolam and the other chems dont show up in urine tests they can still get their methadone scripts ok. It has turned the drug scene in my town crazy as people going on 4/5 day benders start getting paranoid and often things will kick off.

The main thing is though I like to know what im taking so I can check it out and know what to expect. There is one product I saw a girl use called columbiana which she said she had to inject it fast as it congeals quickly, but she still put it in her veins. If it wasnt for the fact that these shops are destroying many peoples lives I think I would open a proper chemical shop, if its allowed, selling known chems to people and telling them what they are. I have been offered large amounts f legals to sell but because of the effect its having on many people I couldnt do it. There has been a few deaths in our town from legals but there is going to be a lot more to come I think as some people who looked fine six months ago are like skeletons and many are using crutches through bad groin injections or legs, feet etc.

Im an ex heroin addict and often a dealer as well and I never had any bad thoughts about selling heroin to people as its isnt as bad as taking unknown uppers every day. 
if you still eat and work its possible to be healthy. I was healthier on heroin than now im off it. Never get a cold on smack its only when you run out it gets bad. 

Im going on a bit here but basically I think the people who own these shops are taking advantage of these addicts and selling them shit product for a high price without even saying whats in them. They obviously have no conscience.
(23-10-2014, 01:30 AM)Hardstepa Wrote: They often wait outside the store at 9am so they can keep their binge going on. Some people are looking very unwell from theses chems but what I dont understand is why dont the shops sell real chemicals like eph or mpa instead of these dodgy mixes of chemicals with a brand name and no info of whats in it.

Head shops make a lot of money from legal highs as well as research chemicals but are not themselves allowed to legally endorse consumption nor advise how to do so safely. Branded products are generally regarded as unsafe due to the lack of knowledge we have on their content and so those most vulnerable and at risk such as addicts are the most likely to suffer any ill effects caused by them. All branded products should imo have the contents and ingredients listed on them and more credible and accessible resources be made available to people on the dangers of abusing them. Such is all too often not the case though unfortunately :\
I dont know why one of the addicts doesnt go onto the web buy 10G of mpa or eph and they could sell it at £10 a half gram. If it wasnt for the damage I see on heavy users I would set up a little shop myself but people are dying from it and a lot of people are getting those scabby faces from scratching or picking when on these things. I think a lot of them have mpa in them but they are mixed with other things. It really is making our towns drug scene seedy and dirty, worse than when heroin got big around 2000. People look a lot worse and some are going nuts from taking so many uppers. Its more visible than the heroin scene was.
All substances have the potential for addiction really don't they, feeding any addiction or transference from one addiction to another doesn't solve anything. These people require help, not more potent substances.

It would help if the media didn't flood the general public many times with poor information or wrongly researched facts that can put users at risk. I've seen one program that claimed a cannabinoid was a stimulant, can you imagine dosing that by mistake?
An ex girlfriend of mine has a mother who has a drug habit on most things but when she first came across a cannabanoid it was powder, I think it was that am2201 where you only needed about 2mg of the powder. Someone had left it in her house and she built a joint with a big pile in it. She went out for a walk to smoke it and was found soon after having a seizure in someones garden. She was in a coma for 3 days before she came round and her mental condition has got worse than it already was. Its ruined her life by the looks of it. 

Thats why sites like this are good you can check out what a chemical is, dosage and harm reduction. Thats what is needed more lessons for ordinary people to help people with drug problems.
Couldn't agree more, them noids are probably the most dangerous things available based on the lack of info made available, the low dose and effective harm they can cause. Even the blends are often far too strong for me at a mere toke or two. Granted I have no tolerance for any cannabinoids but still it can be scary at a moderate dose. Such a shame to see so many accidents caused by them.
I only researched cannabanoids once. At first I thought it would be a nice mellow buzz like a joint but it was the powder I was smoking just put a couple of grains onto the foil and smoked it and the feeling was horrible. Paranoia, shaky hands, no relaxing feeling at all. I also had some of that phenazepam at the time [in a liquid solutuon] so I had to take that to get me back to normal. Never touched it since.
 These people making the blends must make massive profit as you can buy a gram of powder for £10-15 and they sell 3 gram bags for "25 quid and im sure they will be getting at least 50 3 gram bags with that powder. 

A lot of the younger kids buy that kind of thing and that wont be good for their mental health. Also the person who makes the powder into a solution that he adds to herbs like marshmallow and damiana if he doesnt do it very carefuly then some bags might be 5 imes the strength of the others cos im sure there isnt a lot of quality control going on in that business.
This post pretty much sums up whats taking place all over the country.  I know in some places Police and Trading Standards regularly visit the shops in order to try and regulate the sale of branded stuff and educate the owners as to the effects.  This issues lie with the fact it not for human consumption so a shop owner cannot advise on any kind of dose even if they have some knowledge around the product.  Theres also massive opportunity for less conscientious shop owners to sell to people underage.  

In the main part for any young person there is no knowledge about any of the RC's or NPS as they are more commonly called and of course in their eyes the more they take the better they think it will be.  I have heard stories whereby young people are having heroin type withdrawals from heavy and prolonged use of cannabinoids, thats without even scratching the surface on the physical harm its doing to their bodies.

Its also alot of the time why these substances get such a bad press as inevitably risky behaviour is often combined with poly drug use and there are several substances being combined with alcohol. 
IV use isnt that common for the more knowledgeable user exactly for the reasons described in the original post but it would be naive to think it doesn't happen at all.

Combine that with the ridiculous mark up and branding of the products and its hardly a sensible approach to harm reduction in any shape or form.
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Branded products can be sold in stores as "Novelty Items" without too many legal issues (considering the contents are legal) whereas a well-packaged bag of a specific named chemical with XYZ safety warnings, IUPAC, CAS, a corresponding MSDS and "not for human consumption"/"For in-vitro research purposes only" cannot.
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