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Steroid that increases testosterone

Is there any steroid that you can use it for a couple of days, and then it still increases testosterone  ? 

meaning, a chemical that will boost testosterone  ? thanks.
What about natural ways.
Most oral steroids will take a week of use to start raising testosterone levels but need to be dosed every 3hours to keep a steady level of testosterone. Anadrol can be good for this and so can winstrol. But really depends what effects you want. As a rule inter muscular injection is safer and more effective for long term usage. In general steroids should be cycled properly in stacks , tapered up to start and down to finish, other drugs to counter side effects and kick start body's natural levels.

Might be worth looking into SARM's
Better off asking over at some body building forum really. Far more people over there will be more suited to give a better answer.
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Yeah the mods on the bodybuilding forums are a lot better suited to there roles
if you can get it methyl testosterone under the tongue raise testosterone fast sometimes used before fights its very harsh
D aspartic acid is seems to be best of the 'natural' bunch, though from reading round a bit it seems that more reading is definitely necessary before taking the plunge. If you're in your twenties or below taking steroids in the long term can interfere with your bodies natural production of it, so if or when you stop you'll be left with very low levels of test. Personally I'm interested in getting my libido back which age and Kratom seems to have taken a chunk out of. Natural methods(training, good diet and sleep) must surely be the top of any program like this though.
If you think you have low test levels I'd suggest getting your bloods done at the doctors.  He can then tell you if you are low and require TRT.

I wouldn't go down the steroid route unless you're into that whole gym-going lifestyle and you're struggling making gains naturally.

The best advice I could ever give to increase your test naturally is to train your legs often - so squats, leg press, deadlifts etc.  I guarantee when you are training to absolute failure, on a regular basis, you will notice an increase in testosterone and the mood-boosting effects and confidence that come with it.  

Works every time and it's one of the most overlooked part of any good weight training routine.

Think of your legs as testosterone generators that fuel muscle growth in your upper body.
(11-03-2016, 04:06 PM)crocus Wrote: Hi,

Is there any steroid that you can use it for a couple of days, and then it still increases testosterone  ? 

meaning, a chemical that will boost testosterone  ? thanks.

I can offer you advice, but I don't really see what you're asking?

To answer what I can. Testosterone will increase you're testosterone levels, simply. To clarify, exogenous levels obviously, not your natural testosterone.

If you want something with fast onset, testosterone propionate or suspension. But these will require injection in to the muscle. And they will supress your natural levels, so no, your testosterone won't continue to increase after you stop them.

I'd advise not considering steroids due to the very nature of the question anyway.

But hope that helps somewhat.
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To boost your testo levels you need to take Green leafy vegetables daily. Min 3 times a day.
Also eat lot of almonds..
And then test your testo levels after 1 month.

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