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Nothing to do with Spirituality, but this well made, long documentary (with citations) covers the ancient aliens ideas in some depth. It changed my opinion on a lot of the stuff.

Ancient Aliens Debunked

'What is your trouble? Mistaken identity'. '
  - W.W.W.
(17-03-2013, 09:59 PM)Squash Wrote: The book holotropic mind, really interesting stuff!
This women that went through the holotropic breath work sessions started talking a weird language and they found out that it was an ancient tribal language, and there's no way she could have known it. as only a few people new about it in the world..... something along those lines!
If you ever try doing the breathing stuff you feel pretty Bizzare, feels kinda like your vibrating but I didn't go longer then half hour because my throat got a bit sore. but I can Imagine that you go to a pretty primal place if you have the patience to build up to 2 hours.

I've been meaning to read more about Crowley there's some interesting story's about him. I got into freemasonry and all that shadowy stuff about 6+ years ago now but have only skimmed through some of his stuff. I downloaded just about every book he's made and others have made about him but don't know were to start.

yeah I do agree that 80% of the ancient aliens stuff is BS. The stuff and the ancient grounds are great. I do believe that part of our history has been kept behind curtains.

John Anthony West has a good set on the pyramids too!

you might find this interesting about one possible way they moved the stones... just a 6 min video pretty interesting I thought, as its so dam simple
Building Stonehenge - Wally Wallington Can Move Anything!

I'll just leave this here...

^^ Haha :)

Re: Eckhart Tolle. Personally I rate him very highly. His way seems to be to bring to a very large audience simple, basic (though nonetheless profound) teachings, and to show that one need not follow any religion or change one's religion in order to gain direct experience and benefits from those teachings.

Just the understanding and experience that there is a different way to be than simply being obsessed by the mind/thoughts may have been a revelation to an enormous amount of people.

He did a series of long webcasts with Oprah (who of course has a massive fan base) where he basically laid out the foundations of Nondualism (Buddhism, Zen, Hindu Advaita and Taoism at their core being Nondual traditions) in a very simple and easy way - tailored beautifully for his audience.

Bearing in mind that the majority of Oprah's fan base are American Christians, and that between 40-50% of Americans believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, and 30% interpret the Bible literally, and a high % probably believe that the only way to 'God' is through Jesus, this is no small feat :)

I can't find any fault with the dude. He's even gotten shacked up with an attractive Asian chick - respect!!!

This is the best interview I've seen with Tolle, and it's quite a beauty -

'What is your trouble? Mistaken identity'. '
  - W.W.W.
haha that's a good find Sufo.
I think half of the ancient alien theory's you could probably debunk yourself with some common sense and basic research. Some of it does make you wonder " and that I do mean only wonder"
Ancient aliens debunked, I will give that a go empiricist.
Yeah, it's a good one, mate. Seems that most of it can be explained by the propagators being either outright dishonest regarding certain key facts, or just really lazy with their research.
'What is your trouble? Mistaken identity'. '
  - W.W.W.

BTW Squash I'm lovin' your av! *rofl*

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