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Songs that make you cry

[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]


[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]


I love this song I dont even know why....

Please listen to it thumbup
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Sometimes this...

But mostly this...

I have a pavlovs dog response to the latter. If it comes on the radio in the car I have to turn it off, because it effects my driving. In teh name of science I'm listening to it as I type and my eyes are sweating too much for a Monday evening.

I love this song and its sentiment so much.

And lest I forget, this...

What Alkan and Norris do to the Midlake original is the definition of sublime.
George Harrison ....just beautiful music lovely words *cool*

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Probably the most emotionally charged song for me which will always elicit a bit of a blub at crimbo if im pissed, or at any other time actually if im a bit more pissed is Waking in the Air, or the snowman.

Ill link Nightwish (an operatic Goth metal band from Finland) very sincere version of it here,

Also if you like the way Chekov asks for directions to the "Nuclear Wessels". in the star trek film The Voyage Home, (everyone does, lol) then this girl pronounces the word villages "willages" and if you watch this vid you will score the most massive hit of "Nuclear Wessels" you will have likely encountered since 1986. lol.
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Orbital - Belfast (for those of you who aren't keen on Electronic/dance music, just give it a small try)

This maybe down to seeing them live at Global Gathering and the sun was just starting to set. Beautiful.
Don't want regrets, going to try my best
But I'm only a man doing what I can
And I'll go forth with these words in my hand, in my hand.
I love Belfast, Spam. In fact, Orbital in general. Give me dreadful brainworms, tho'. Can last for days :o


^ that kills me every time.

And the best version of 'Videotape' that radiohead toured before ever so slightly murdering it in the studio (it's a soundboard from the Bonnarroo gig in 2006) - they did the same with Jigsaw/Open Pick as well :(


and given some peeps have gotta hate on RH. Here's another non-RH that gets me - hauntingly beautiful.


and those icelandic peeps sure know how to handle melancholy. Gotta be those long winter nights...

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