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Some UFO clips
Here's some interesting UFO Youtubes that may change peoples fews on the subject.

Here's 2 mile wide donut UFO'S flying by NASA'S lost tether.


This one is controversial.


Sky Serpents WTF

Space Debris (there's more than you would ever believe)
proven hoax
They're arch balloons.
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I'm not sure what I'm meant to be looking at in the first, even with the help of other youtubers telling me where to look? Resolution and focus so bad hard to pick anything out that isn't completely explainable by space debris and ice crystals falling away into space from the shuttle reflecting back to it. Some will even change trajectories at times as they get blasted by the shuttle's maneuvering thrusters or those of a satellite adjusting its orbit. There is something that comes in from the left hand side at 3:44 that does look like it's following an eliptical path relative to the fixed point of the boom but not what I'd call proof. Sure there must be any number of explanations for that that are infinitely more realistic than the visitation from UFOs scenario?

The last video's just daft? These are clearly man made and helium filled. Obvious that any movement is due to the effect of wind and air currents, no evidence of independent movement or intention whateoever. Some shots like at 1:26 are so obviously arch balloons like Bo said you'd have to wonder how anyone could think them anything else?
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