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Smoked Bk2cb, 225 venlafaxine, 35 cl vodka
Hello all

A snippet of info for the record.

225 mg of venlafaxine extended release for medical purposes, 6 hours prior to 50 milligrams of Bk2cb.

50 mg Bk2cb was sprinkled on a single skin rollup containing only tobacco. Contrary to other reports, no immediate effects were felt. Very mild effects were felt within 10 minutes but i feel those could be imagined. The Bk2cb was sprinkled on the tobacco. The rizla did not burn where the Bk2cb was in contact.

Very possibly the venlafaxine killed the effects. Alternatively, it did sweet fuck all. No harm done in this case.

Peace all.
Well shoot. No harm, no foul.

Maybe smoking it directly would work out better? Or vaporizing. Preferably the latter.
I don't think bk 2cb can be vaporized with out toally destorying it into some crazy dimer color.
love the world and it will love you back. chin
It needs keeping away from water and moisture comes out of tobacco. Did it go orange? Vaped I'd expect a bad smell and something resembling a fresh cold-sore. Cap or bomb, maybe with an acidic drink like orange juice.
It was a shame it didn't seem to do much, but considering it preserved the rizzla I'm not surprised. It didn't seem to react to the heat. I swallowed 100 mg a bit later then fell asleep only to wake up to very mild visuals which lasted about 18 hours in total. I'm sure the venlafaxine muted the effects of oral ingestion and probably the smoking too. They both affect certain 5-htp receptors and antidepressants are notorious for nullifying drugs that stimulate them.

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