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Site Rules
Site Rules Rev 2.0.9
Last updated 14-10-15
General Rules
  • Targeted abuse toward a member or group of members for any reason will result in warnings and/or suspension of posting privileges.
    • If abuse continues to get out of hand a ban of an appropriate duration will be given.
  • The posting of anybody's personal details on site is not allowed and may incur a PERMANENT ban.
    • Due to how forums work we highly advise against posting any form of personal details on the forum, in the shoutbox or via the PM system.
  • Please use the Search or Suggested Threads features before making a new thread on a subject or substance.
  • One account per user. Use of multiple accounts will result in warnings and/or bans.
  • Each case will be reviewed by the admin team before making a decision.

UK Illegal Substances
  • Discussion of UK illegal compounds is permitted as long as the following rules are also complied with.
    • The mention of illegal compounds in combinations with RC's is allowed in Trip Reports when written in the past tense for the sake of harm reduction.
    • This means general discussion of controlled substances is allowed but only for harm reduction purposes. This includes trip reports, enquiries on doses, potential interactions with other drugs, reagent testing results and more.  
    • This does not include discussion of anything other than these substances in relation to anything other than harm reduction.  All enquiries regarding harm reduction information need to be made in appropriate threads.
    • Illegals may only be discussed in the shoutbox when there is an urgent need for harm reduction information.
    • Suggesting people obtain or purchase any controlled substances is NOT allowed and your posts may be edited or deleted at staff discretion.  Repeat occurrences could result in warnings or bans
    • Sourcing or stating intent to purchase controlled substances is NOT allowed
      • In regard to reagent results. Photos of results are allowed and encouraged.  A feature to enable posting these Anonymously (if you wish to do so) is in the works.
      • In regard to Trip Reports.  If you wish to post a Trip Report anonymously for any reason, it is possible to do so.  Click here to learn more
  • Mention of vendors that sell UK illegal compounds is not allowed, regardless of their shipping policies or location.
    • This includes Acronyms or Slang/Abbreviations of their name.
    • This includes mention of any DarkNet markets.
  • We have a small list of compounds you can check legality of. But bear in mind it isn’t always up to date.

Vendors/Companies selling Research Chemicals
  • There are some requirements to being allowed to post as a vendor on here.  (these are subject to change in the near future, you will be notified when)
  • Vendors wishing to post here are encouraged to post AS themselves, and not 'shill' under a guise pretending to not be involved with the company.
    • The No Multiple Accounts rule applies here (if there are multiple members of a company wishing providing support to their customers, contact an admin and exceptions can be made)
    • If we find proof of 'shilling' all associated accounts will be banned outright.
  • The only place vendors may post their prices are their own threads in the Vendor News area.
    • Warnings will be handed out for posting this kind of information in compound discussion threads
    • Warnings will be handed out for posting this information in another vendors thread.
  • Product Information including, but not limited to, date(s) you may be closed, new products, product analysis, coupons and polls are allowed in the Vendor News area.
  • Vendors that advertise their wares here must do all their trading and personal support (order inquiries) over their own websites support system.
    • That includes samples, although you are allowed to gauge interest here by;
      • Either by making a thread yourself with details of how to contact (eg, email)
      • Making a thread with instructions on how to claim the sample (eg, comment in order form/custom coupon codes)
    • On-site trading of any form is strictly prohibited.
    • On-site Trading means ANY exchange arranged via the forum, private messaging system or shoutbox.
Rules in regard to providing medical or specific information around controlled or uncontrolled substances
  • UKCR is a forum where people can openly share their views, opinions and experiences of using research chemicals to promote safer, better informed use and reduce harm. All views expressed here are the opinions of individuals and do not replace the responsibility every user has to make their own decisions and assess the risks associated with any activity.  
  • Where drug interaction and poly drug use are concerned doses and substances may be suggested but not stipulated as being the only or single solution.  This advice should only be given  health care professional in order to safeguard the members involved.  
  • Information may of course be shared in order to allow people to make their own informed choices and the discussion of these matters is welcome.
Post Moderation
  • Posts will be moderated and/or trashed at Staff discretion in accordance with the rules and what Staff deem an appropriate course of action.
  • Generally PM's are sent when a post is breaking the rules, sometimes we forget but there are situations where posts are trashed without any notice. Situations such as;
    • Spam posting
    • Sample Hounding
    • Attempting to source UK illegal compounds
    • This is not a definitive list
  • If you see a post or thread you feel is breaking the rules, then click the Report button and a staff member will get to it asap.
  • Rep abuse will result in resetting the abusing part(ies) reputation entirely, or adding a large deficit.
  • Any large downloads (pdf, zip, rar, etc.) must be hosted on an ad-free download site. https://mega.co.nz is highly recommended.
  • URL shorterners are not allowed.
  • If you are unsure of whether something you wish to post complies with the rules, just contact a staff member and we'll reply as soon as we can.
  • If a post or thread you create seems to have disappeared very rapidly after posting it may have triggered an auto-moderation action, PM an administrator to find out more.
All rules above apply to both the Shoutbox as well as the Forum.

Rules are subject to change at any time for any reason.
Ignorance of the rules is not a valid case of defence.
Warnings may also be handed out for any other reasons at Staff discretion.
Any suggestions are welcomed
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