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Can't stop watching this its so funny and dark and Northern. 'I want Dingley Dell!'. And his murderous expression when he sees that slob drop his ice cream wrapper. Too many good bits to mention, and kind of perfect the way it fits. Makes me want to go on murderous rampage through middle yorkshire like no other film can.

Maybe not as affecting as Kill List (Ben Wheatley directed both), they're both brilliant.

A field in England is a good one too but harder to get into, 17th century soldiers on mushrooms get manipulated by the brilliant Michael Smiley who might be the devil.
I loved Sightseers! The first murder was totally shocking as I wasn't expecting it at all, but the rest were darkly genius!
This.....is real life
And his happy little satisfied chuckle as he's hosing off the wheel afterwards!

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