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Just a quick reminder the shout box is not a permissible place to discuss illegals or sourcing.

Disguising names by using slang terms will also be considered a breach of the rules.

Anyone discussing sourcing, possession of or intent to possess illegals will be issued with a warning and a further breach will incur a 24 hour ban. Again, you are responsible for what you post.

Anyone discussing illegals is potentially drawing unwanted attention here and could result in the forum being closed even for those who use it within the boundaries of the current laws.

Any questions or comments speak to one of the team cheers.

As an aside, and unrelated, we've noticed some people having problems using the private shout function and that some of you aren't aware that you can send private shouts. For more information on private shouts read THIS

We are NOT saying you can discuss illegals using private shouts. If you want to talk about illegals keep it away from UKCR. Thanks.
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