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Shelf-Life of Herbal Blends?
Good evening guys,

I've recently discovered, while looking through my "box of goodies" (stash tin) that I have a relatively old bag of 5f-akb48 blend (Funky Buddha) which I ordered from BB probably about 3 months ago and forgot about.

This made me think. Realistically, what is the shelf-life of synthetic cannabinoid blends? I suppose the herbs themselves are never really going to go off, and because I double-bag everything in relatively air-tight blackout baggies the chance of light affecting the chemical itself is slim.

So, the question - do any of you bulk-produce your own blends and store it for a long time? Additionally, after what period of time do you guys think it would be unsafe to smoke a synthetic blend (if at all)?
Such a varied subject because so many different noids exist and so little is known about the majority of them. I'd speculate powdered cannabinoids have a very good shelf life if stored correctly. I'd imagine on herbs they may not last as long due to naturally occurring compounds in the plant material but still shouldn't be detrimental to the active component or effect the overall potency. I don't think they degrade into anything harmful, most likely just into something inactive but that's not to say there aren't cannabinoids that degrade into toxic byproducts. Hopefully someone else can give you a more accurate and scientific answer. These storage/degradation questions are as about reliable as asking for a review on next Monday's weather - today! That's not a criticism, I've asked similar questions myself but as for the answers, it's educated guess work at best :)

More specific to the actual question, although I've never made my own blend, I've smoked a pre-made one that was just over 2 years old and it was just the same as the day I bought it.
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I have a blueberry blitz blend that is almost a year old. It have been in the bag it came in but have been open but the blend is exactly as i remember it so i don't think there is much of a problem with shelf life but i could be wrong but i also had another blend that did not change in potency for over half a year.
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Properly stored, as long as you. They may get dry, which can be prevented, but they will still be active.
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