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Seven ages of drug addiction
I read it all, surprisingly. I thought it was a pretty balanced article to be fair. At least it mentioned alcohol as a drug. Most of the anti-drug brigade usually consider it not to be so....whereas in reality it`s probably the worst of the lot.
It's only an addiction if you smoke more than 3 pipes of opium a day
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I agree on alcohol part, it makes me sick how alcohol and even alcoholism is glorifyed in some communities.
I found it a lot more balanced than most reporting on drugs. At least positive cases were presented for LSD and cannabis - normally they'd just find someone with a compulsive disorder to spout off about how the drug has ruined their lives.

The references to Leah Betts being "killed by one ecstasy tablet" drive me mad though. This is misleading and factually incorrect.

"Lots of people who'd never dream of taking heroin, another Class-A substance, take cocaine." - spurious
Please do keep posting any articles you come across Blodwyn. I think we are all in agreement that this particular piece is way above the usual standard for an article on drugs. Everything you say is true jurkakm & is an accurate analysis of just about every other piece of "reporting" on drugs that you are likely to come across. But in this case there is a notable lack of rabid hysteria, it is for this reason I have awarded the writer a freshly baked blueberry muffin for services rendered, he has not done a bad job of it after all. The "subtle" bias that the media garnishes the drugs debate with has not escaped this community’s attention.
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They are not going to print a story about an average guy who occasional used a drug here or there. It just wouldn't be that entertaining. A tale about someone with real problems because of their drug use is a story. You wouldn't write a story about a man who went on a gambling cruise once or twice and spent a few thousand dollars, but you would if it lead to him selling his ass on the street to pay back tough guys he borrowed money from to support his gambling addiction. Why? Cause that's interesting.
Nice article blodwyn, Thanks.

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