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Seven ages of drug addiction
Read it here
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Couldnt be bothered to read it all ( to be honest, only had a glimpse) but seems like just another narrowminded piece of text which offers no facts or actual knowledge and overly simplifies term addiction.
Its a history of drugs that some people might find interesting to read.....I dont understand how it can be narrow minded when its peoples personal accounts ok perhaps not very well balanced but the Independent are hardly going to be running a story promoting drugs...
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

I'm really starting to hate the bad rep legal highs are being given. Research is key, and tbh it drives me mad that a few coke heads with no real concept of chemicals bosh a load from the headshop and end up on a front page. To still be banging on about meph (and referring to it as a 2010-present substance) is weak reporting, even if it was just one person's account. These newspapers may be good at evaluating events from the past, but in the present they haven't got a clue.
Read All About It ! Read All About It ! Man Takes Drugs !.....Breaking news ? Erm not quite no.

I have read the intro which is largely ignorable & has an amusing reference to Zammo "just say no" and 3 of the 7 perspectives, the worst piece of writing there is the title, a combo of shakespears "Seven Ages of Man" and for some reason the word addiction. I suppose the writer thought joe public would struggle to make sense of an article about drugs that didn’t have the word addiction either in the 1st sentence or in the title. Other than that I don’t think I have ever been less drenched in braindead propaganda by a news article in my life. But then again it doesn’t actually say anything, its just has 7 people give their own little take on a very big picture indeed. Quite refreshed by the fact that it doesn’t tell me in going to die in every other sentence though.

One thing is interesting, I can remember my dad saying once that people who take “drugs” stare at the sun until they go blind, I though the LSD guy was about to say that’s what he did, but he didn’t in the end so top marks, lol.
All comprehension is temporary, understand nothing, try to understand everything.
What i mean by narrowminded its one sided, just blaming everything on drugs and so on mumbo jumbo. Its this kind of journalism and drug policys in general, which lead those poorly informed people into these kind of troubles in the first place and now its just going around again. Instead factual information should be provided, and then added personal experiences might help others but this... oh well.

As for being interesting read, sure but just pointing out that this kind of journalism shouldnt taken to seriously.
Hopefully this cleares up a bit, im not very good at explaining stuff so sry. ( also english is not my first language )
Well you doing pretty well Jurkakm well done and thank you for posting! Guys its journalism I never meant it to be pulled apart I just posted it as a kind of timeline thing gawd I wish I had not put it up now I scanned through it this morning and posted the link as I found it interesting - your never going to get facts in a newspaper LOL it doesnt sell them what people want is bath salts crazed flesh eating zombies....
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

haha I'm also baffled by the amount of people that think 'Bath Salts' covers one chemical. The news truly is laughable most days.
I think it's always worth reading or paying attention to how drugs and drug use (and misuse) are portrayed in the media.. it is generally where a substantial proportion of a country's citizenry derive their 'facts' from..
Yeah, but i personally have given up, just so much shit on mainstream media these days that reading that probably causes more damage to me (literally) than substances in question.

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