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Serotoni, or 4,4-diMAR
*PLEASE READ THIS WARNING BEFORE READING THE TR* @Blodwyn's info helps put it in context, and health-wise, you might get more from it than my trip report.

That said, thank you @Knothing for organising the sample.

Day of the 'small' test.
initial 1mg allergy test - no reaction after 4 hours

t+0 so, plan on small 30mg oral test, to get a sense of the arc of this substance. As you read on you'll understand why, I wish I'd kept to the 30mg. Setting is nice and mellow. Home, but alone in the afternoon.

t+1hr - this is where I make an idiotic mistake, feeling effects, raised HR, not much in the way of the body lightness that you'd get from say, an APB, or desire to move about, but I have this feeling that I'm at the threshold of something better, so I add 10mg oral.

t+1.30 - realise that the full effects from the initial dosage are only beginning to appear now, really regret taking the extra - and to be honest, because I don't know how this chemical plays out over time, I'm a bit scared.

t+2-5hr - unbelievably chatty; mental alertness feels very high, and I'm running four or five conversations at once. Also, am unbelievably adamant about everything. Could probably sell ice to inuits right now, and not just the raised body temp would help with that. Not much on the serotonin front going on, I feel; like, I wouldn't gawp at a kitten right now, if you know what I mean. Pity.

t+7-10hr - have to go out to see a presentation, hoping to stay a bit anonymous because I can still feel the loose chat effects of the 40mg, and end up being cornered by the person who gave the presentation, who really wants my opinion and asks for advice. I should have worn a disguise, but I end up giving very adamant advice in between apologising for doing so. She's delighted with the advice, or says that she is, but still...

t+10-14hr - slowly getting back to baseline. Thought I could test out a larger dosage tomorrow night, but this stuff is strong and long-lasting, so decide to delay for a few days.

It was actually quite difficult to get to sleep.

Lesson: when starting on a new chem like this, never never add to something you're going to titrate anyway. Stick to your initial plan. You might think you have the measure of something at an hour, but that's exactly where things go wrong. I ended up adding 33% of something I was just getting to terms with. Tut. Respect this stuff, Slippers.

Day of the 'proper' test - 3 days later. May be tolerance issues especially given the half-life of this. Also, had had some alcohol 5 hours earlier.

Setting: home, after midnight. Ms Slippers pops off to bed after long after a dinner (involving a bit of wine) earlier; she wishes me luck, and pops off to bed. I'm a little tired, but relatively relaxed. I measure out 45mg of Serotoni and pop it in some fizz. I measure out another 40mg, into 2 lines for insufflation. I'm also allowing for redosing this time.

t+0 - yaaah. The drink went down easy, but the nasal route... Stings. Tiny hornets everywhere, everywhere in my mucus membranes. This is not like the open palm slap-sting of eph across your face, this is how many angels can dance on the head of a pin while a thousand of those sharp pins are repeatedly stabbing inside of your nose. Remember to wet your nostrils next time, fool.

t+0'05 touch of light nausea; happened the other day, not worried

t+0'07 notice the drip now

t+0'11 the drip is a bit nasty now

t+0'17 begin to feel a little peppy now. One of the reasons I split the dose into both oral and nasal routes was that I was interested in getting a bit of a spike in effect (at the expense of length and subtlety perhaps).

t+0'35 My note here says "beginning to feel excited"

t+0'28 Here it says "very excited now" - I've popped onto irc by now

t+0'39 The note only says, "Whoosh!" Basically, lift off is achieved. Rocket's launched. If it wasn't the middle of the night, I'd be very happy running about talking to a room full of people, or very happy listening to music very loudly, or just very happy.

t+0'50 It's into euphoria territory here. Quite surprised at this - during the earlier test, I felt at this point as if I was plateauing (wrongly, hence the wrong choice to redose) but here it feels as if it's still building. Perhaps my experience the other day is leading my expectations and feelings.

t+1'00 Now I'm just in a gleeful, silly mood. Music's great and I want to chat. Very quickly. The adamance is back. If I have an opinion about something, I express it and continue to do so, and possibly lead myself on to other opinions on other things without being asked. The question, therefore, is, how do I feel about that?

t+2'00 As before. Tiny bit of a jaw clench becomes apparent about now.

t+2'30 Very elated. Feel very focussed, if you can feel focussed on 3 or 4 things at a time.

t+3'00 The gurn arrives. Smiling my head off.

t+3'20 Check the log, decide to measure 25mg for insufflation, as that should hit in about 40 minutes. Wet nostril this time. Not so bad.

t+3'30 Notice that jaw clench has gone from "teeny bit of" to "minor minor"

t+3'50 The redose hits. Note here only says, "Lift!"

t+4'00 Note here, "Gurn!"

t+4'10 More music, lots more chatting.

t+4'15 A bit of head tension now. More gurning, but smiling and feeling great.

t+5'45 Have been having a great time. Measure out another 30mg this time to insufflate.

t+7'00 At some point, the music stopped playing, but I've just noticed that I've been bopping along to some kind of rapid beat. My legs are moving about a bit - I should really set up that cycle-powered generator for nights like this. Oh, it's morning.

t+7'30 A little bit of eye wobble now. Ms Slippers is out of bed for a moment, she checks on me. "Have you been to bed?" I smile and begin to explain why not. She puts a finger to my mouth to shush me. "That's nice. I'm going to the toilet and then I'm going back for a lie-in."

t+9'00 I've become less talky now. This is where the effects are wearing off, or where the natural fatigue is racing to catch up and overtake the stimulation.

t+10'00 Decide on the final redose. 25mg insufflated.

t+10'30 Ms Slippers is back up. Wasn't she up just a moment ago? The jaw clenching is now quite significant. The redose here seemed to have accentuated more of the negative stimulating elements (the leg-jiggling movement makes Ms Slippers wonder whether something was shaking the building, and I can feel my HR go bit higher than before, with the jaw tightening right up). Some of the euphoria remains, though.

t+10'45 A treat. A poached egg for breakfast. Note: "best poached egg ever". On reflection, this appears to be a rather large claim. Certainly was very tasty at the time.

t+11'30 Decide to get out into the open air, towards a nearby garden, a place I often go to relax and contemplate. Not sure why. Maybe because it has a pond. Certainly some of the lightness remains in the body, alongside the insistence in the walking rhythm that comes with the raised HR.

t+12'15 Back home. Bruxism is now severe and uncomfortable. Destroy several pieces of gum. Absolutely would not go beyond what I've taken here, as I think it would accentuate the negatives further.

t+13-19h Slowly getting back to baseline. Very light headed, very vague. Try to read things but vague out in the middle of sentences.

t+20h I don't hit a brickwall of fatigue here, rather, it falls upon me. Sleep for 12 hours. Best sleep I've had this month. Well done, sleep, here's your medal.

Lessons: Last redose was unnecessary. If I was doing it again, a small amount at 3h and 6/7h only.

Thoughts: Stating the obvious, the slow onset of this chem when taken orally is potentially dangerous and it would be in that first two hours that inexperienced users could get themselves into trouble trying to add effect. And given the information that Blodwyn's provided about the chemistry of it, mixing it with anything serotogenic could be lethal. People with a tendency to fiend* ought to keep away from it, particularly as chasing the effects that you get around the 3-9 hour marks would be fruitless, you've done your serotonin I think; it feels as if it emphasises the adrenal from thereon in.

I really enjoyed my experiences on this, but, by goodness, it needs respect. Its half-life is insanely long and if you can't be disciplined with it, I think you could end up in a nasty place.

** N.B Friend of mine with such a tendency had called me earlier in the week to say they'd been bingeing, and at the 18h mark or so decided to dabble in about 15-20 mg 6apb. They were vomiting and seeing things and said it felt as if they'd taken 150mg or more. They thought maybe their scales had gone off. 
Spoke to them later in person: they'd been fiending through a bag of serotoni before moving on to anything else. So... there you go.
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