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Serotoni/4,4'-DMAR 60mg
I've noticed it seems to work better with a few doses spread out than with one big dose. I do 30 - 40 mg every 30-60 minutes till I'm around 90 -120 mgs.
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^I've been avoiding multiple doses given others' experieinces, but I might give it a shot next time, single doses so far haven't been doing much for me. Still got >250mg left. I didn't take any this weekend as I used 25B-NBOMe and MPA earlier in the week.

It's probably going to be a choice between single 110mg oral, 60mg with one or two 30mg redoses, or 60mg plugged or snorted with possibly a 30mg oral redose. I'm not a fan of snorting, although the quick onset that Hausschuhe reported does sound appealing (not so sure about the pain though!)

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