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Strangely named, obviously a brand but it's a brand for one specific chem ala benzo fury.

Quote:What is Serotoni?
This latest research chemical from the creator of mephedrone and benzo fury and exclusive to Buyanychem is a chemical analogue of Aminorex which is an anorectic stimulant drug known to be midway between Dextroamphetamine and methamphetamine. As a parent compound to Aminorex Serotoni would probably bind to similar receptor groups as other amphetamines. Primary action would be as a dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin agonist.

What is Serotoni used for?
Serotoni would be a great research chemical to study the receptor subgroups outlined above. As with any in vitro (outside living organism) studies using receptors, a synthetic membrane with appropriate receptors would be a good starting point to begin profiling the binding and affinity data of this novel compound. As a novel compound many will require samples for their chemical catalogue libraries. The standard chemical analytical methods could be used such as FTIR, GC/MS, NMR and HPLC. This will undoubtedly be the beginning route for forensic laboratories.

Forthcoming in pellet form, thoughts?

I actually have high hopes for this one, if it's anything like it's daddy 4-MAR, which presumably it should be, then we're in for a treat.

I have a mate called Toni who loves APBs, I should call her serotoni.
I stopped reading at "From the creators of mephedrone and benzo fury" Lola. Can't say this has much appeal
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Read past the terrible branding and marketing though
(08-03-2013, 04:49 PM)acdK Wrote: I stopped reading at "From the creators of mephedrone and benzo fury" Lola. Can't say this has much appeal

Read that sentence in the voice of the guy that does the trailers hahaha
coming this spring....
"from the creator of mephedrone and benzo fury"

I didn't bother reading any further. Mephedrone was made in the early 1900's from what I can remember.
I assume nothing about structure, IUPAC, but state its used for gc/ms, etc? retarded
It sounds to me they are trying to hint at this product being something like 4-MAR. My guess is it is not even remotely similar. If they had an analog of aminorex they would release the chemical name, not hype it up in this fashion. What is it you ask, well its probably a mixture of ethylphenidate and something like MDAI, or some other mixture of medicare chemicals. I just can't see a vendor putting time and money into developing a chemical that is entirely new to the scene and not releasing its real name. The only use to a branded product is either to0 sell an illegal as a legel, or to make a huge profit off of chemicals that other wise would be cheap.
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The only hope would be that once the chem is available they'd give its name. If it remains branded then it will be shit for sure.
(08-03-2013, 02:50 PM)Sufo Wrote: I have a mate called Toni who loves APBs, I should call her serotoni.

Just say NO ..... Then recant
I don't hold much hope after reading that they "created meph", but a stim somewhere between dex and meth would be great.

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