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Search Party
I just watched this and was seriously impressed. It's a dark comedy/mystery/drama starring Alia Shawkat (best known for playing Maeby in Arrested Development).

Here's a review from the Guardian:

Quote:Why you’ll love it: Search Party is two shows in one. The first is a tightly wound thriller about Chantal, a young woman who goes missing in mysterious circumstances. The second, the padding around this thrusting narrative, is a self-mocking portrait of millennials in crisis.
Almost every scene is beautifully observed, from the ones where Rosie Perez’s concerned bystander gradually unravels to the vigil in episode three that drips with millennial self-obsession. It’s a tricky feat to achieve – combining a relatively high-stakes mystery with laugh-out-loud generational satire – but Search Party pulls it off without breaking a sweat.

And here's what The Vulture says:

Quote:The condition of believing oneself sensitive while feeling very little has rarely been examined with such exactness. The cast is exceptional, never carrying themselves as if they are above the often confused, petty, or weak characters they portray; Shawkat in particular is a revelation, at times channeling the doe-eyed distress of Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. This is just a great show, refreshingly unafraid to twist the knife — a late-breaking candidate for best series of 2016, arriving near the end of a year that’s had so many candidates I can barely keep track of them.

It's currently available to watch for free as a box set on All 4. I won't spoil it, but the ending of the season really pays off too.
Can confirm, am 6 episodes in.

The Vulture's review is considerably more astute and unpretentious than the Grauniad's.

Torrents are also available.

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